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While some of us have to wait a little bit longer to get our hands on Fire Emblem Heroes, both GameXplain and Polygon have already gone hands-on and have a whole ton of information for us to share with you today!

Now out of respect to both media outlets, we will be sharing both their videos in this article, but if you don’t have a spare 28 minutes to watch both videos, we will also be sharing a summary of the revealed details. A summary you can find first beneath this paragraph and then followed by the videos. Let us begin:


  • Nintendo Treehouse were responsible for localising the game.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes features an auto battle function.
  • All characters special illustrations can be viewed on their status screen, where you can also listen to their voiced lines.
  • Units have “Assist Skills,” but they can only be activated which can be activated when they’ are standing next to an ally.
  • Like in previous Fire Emblem games, characters who use a bow deal twice as much damage to flying enemies
  • Chances of getting a Hero with a high Star count do increase every time you get a character with a low Star count, when Summoning Heroes using Orbs (the game’s gacha system.)
  • When a unit reaches level 20, they can rank up. An act that increases their star count by 1. (This may vary depending on the unit as seen in other games of this kind.)
  • The first limited-time event will be focused on Lissa.
  • Story missions have multiple difficulty levels (Normal, Hard and Lunatic).
  • Completing a level on a harder difficulty will see players acquiring better rewards, but it comes as a price as harder levels cost more stamina.
  • There are different summoning “banners” that focus on a different group of Heroes.
  • Combat animations, portrait cut-scenes and voice-overs can be skipped by turning them off.
  • Game is free to play, but with a stamina mechanic put in place, advancement will be limited, unless players are willing to spend orbs to replenish their stamina and buy orbs with real world money.
  • Special skills need several turns to charge; but are then used automatically when the Special bar is fall and the character makes their next move.
  • Orbs can be used any time during battle, to reveal and heal all of your units.
  • Orbs can also be used to resume a mission should all of your units die.
  • Orbs can also be used to upgrade your Castle, (your home base.)
  • The first Castle upgrade costs just 1 Orb and will permanently increase all experience gained by 20%.
  • Players Castle can be altered to fit a design and layout of their choosing.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes does not feature permadeath.
  • Each character has a brief biography that offers a description and which game they came from.
  • The Arena has its own stamina mechanic called “Duelling Swords.” Players get Duelling Swords per day, and it costs one every time you fight in the Arena.
  • Players can use orbs to replenish Duelling Swords.

Going by the information above, it does seem that Fire Emblem Heroes is a lot like a number of other titles available on the mobile market, but efforts have been made to ensure it has that Fire Emblem touch, much like how Final Fantasy Brave Exvius does a great job of capturing the essence of what makes a Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy.


Source: GameXplain (YouTube) and Polygon (YouTube)

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