If you’re sick to death hearing about Fire Emblem Heroes, then you’ll want to give this article a miss, since it contains a whole lot of information!

A little earlier on today, we posted an article that comprised of all new Fire Emblem Heroes details that came straight from GameXplain and Polygon as both were able to go hands on with the game, but they weren’t the only ones. IGN, The Verge and even VentureBeat got to have a go and since they also provided new details, it’s only fitting we would want to compile all that information into one place. It is #FireEmblemWeek after all and we do want our readers to have a really good sense of the game, but we aren’t the only ones who had this idea, as Nirolak had already taken to compiling the information and sharing it on NeoGaf.

Resultat d'imatges de fire emblem heroes

So with part of the work already taken care of for us, we have taken his newer information, mixed it in with the information we shared earlier on and now have one heck of an informative summary for you guys to read through, which you can see for yourselves right here, right now:


System Requirements:

  • The game runs on Android phones with 2 GB of RAM and Android 4.2 or iOS devices (including the iPod Touch) with iOS 8 or higher.
  • Game requires a constant internet connection.


About the Game (Technical):

  • Intelligent Systems developed the game with assistance from Nintendo and DeNA.
  • Nintendo Treehouse handled localisation.

Resultat d'imatges de fire emblem heroes

About the Game (General):

  • The game starts off with a prologue that also doubles as a tutorial and has a bunch of narrative setup in it. If you’re bad at remembering things, the weapon triangle is displayed in the corner at all times during combat.
  • While the game starts with a three character team, you move to a four character team later.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes features an auto battle function.
  • There are two control methods. The first is to click on your character and select actions from a menu like you normally do. The other is to just drag and drop.
  • The seasons seem to be about a week, but that’s me guessing off of screenshots.
  • The special maps are for special events such as recruiting characters through defeating them in battle. You can do harder versions of the special map to get the character at a higher starting star value. The first one seems to be Lissa from Awakening.
  • The way specials work is they activate after X number of turns, and then the next attack they do (or support for support skills) uses that special automatically.
  • There is a story mode, along with a special mission mode, a PvP mode, a training tower mode, and a mystery mode.
  • There is a stamina system, though the previews note that for the regular story mode, you’re generally never going to run out, whereas it serves as more of a barrier in events and harder difficulties.
  • Combat animations, portrait cut-scenes and voice-overs can be skipped by turning them off.
  • The Arena has its own stamina mechanic called “Duelling Swords.” Players get Duelling Swords per day, and it costs one every time you fight in the Arena.


Story Mode:

  • The story mode missions can be played on Normal, Hard, and Lunatic difficulty, with increasing rewards, difficulty, and stamina cost.
  • The story mode seems to have voice acting throughout, but the preview videos were only allowed to use screenshots.


PvP Mode:

  • The PvP mode matches you up against an AI controlled version of another player’s team. You get a reward based on your best performance in offense and defense, which rewards you a special type of currency. I’m guessing this is what you use for star-level rank ups, but that’s a guess. You get bonuses for how well you do along with what characters you use. You get to try this three times per day (unless you refresh it with orbs), and it only tracks your best score.

Training Tower:

  • The Training Tower is where you get the resources that let you level up your characters.


Events & Quests:

  • There are a bunch of monthly quests that can be completed five times each for various rewards.


Home Castle (Your Base):

  • There is a home base castle in the game that you can upgrade. Each upgrade grants permanent bonus experience gain for your characters, though also costs orbs. The castle also upgrades visually as you do this.
  • In the castle, you can tap characters to hear various lines of dialog from them along with them giving you some small rewards.
  • There is currently no relationship or pairing up system in the game, but one will be added in a future update.



  • Your characters can have a weapon, a support skill, a special, and up to three passive abilities.
  • As you use characters, they get more skill points, which they can use to unlock new and/or better skills.
  • Characters use Shards to level up from levels 1 through 19, whereas they use Crystals to level up past 20. You can get both of these from the Training Tower. You can’t buy these and have to earn them. The re-leveling system where you can go back to zero and get more stat ups from the traditional games also returns.
  • There are no permanent character deaths in the game. (No permadeath)
  • All characters special illustrations can be viewed on their status screen, where you can also listen to their voiced lines.
  • Units have “Assist Skills,” but they can only be activated which can be activated when they are standing next to an ally.
  • Like in previous Fire Emblem games, characters who use a bow deal twice as much damage to flying enemies.
  • Each character has a brief biography that offers a description and which game they came from.

 Resultat d'imatges de fire emblem heroes

Summoning & Summoning Characters:

  • When summoning characters, you select from a theme that has a particular set of characters you want to go after. For example, one bucket is called “Devoted Characters” and has people like Roy, Lyn, and Camilla, whereas the Legendary Heroes bucket has characters like Robin, Lucina, and Marth.
  • The summoning system works by displaying five orbs you can summon a unit from. Each is color coded, so you can tell what type of unit you will get by unveiling that orb.
  • Based on IGN’s description, it sounds like the discount summoning rate only applies when you summon everyone at once, so you should only summon when you have 20 (5 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 3) orbs. If you’re a crazy person who only wants a specific blue unit, you can pay more and only unveil the blue orbs so that your odds of getting them are higher.
  • The summoning rates for heroes are 3% for 5-star, 36% for 4-star, and 61% for 3-star. Every time you summon, the odds of a 5-star goes up until you get one. Keep in mind that you can just upgrade your heroes until they’re 5-star.Your base can hold up to 200 heroes. You can also fuse duplicates to raise the stats of existing characters, so that would be 200 unique heroes.

Orbs & Their Uses:

  • You can use an orb to revive during a mission or to restore your full stamina bar. (Stamina regenerates at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes.)
  • You can an orb per mission plus a bunch of other unspecified ways according to Nintendo.
  • You can buy orbs at prices ranging from $2 to $99.
  • Orbs can be used any time during battle, to reveal and heal all of your units.
  • Orbs can also be used to resume a mission should all of your units die.
  • Players can use Orbs to replenish Duelling Swords for the Arena.


Something that is worth noting though, is the fact that all those who did get the chance to play it, they have all spoken highly of it. So while it might not be the kind of game we expected it to be, it is having a lot of positive feedback and it is certainly a Fire Emblem game on a mobile device. We hope you found this information to enlightening.


Source: Nirolak

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