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Why wait for Nintendo to share some new Fire Emblem Heroes news, when you can contact the Japanese Heroes customer support team instead? One reddit user did just that.

Desiring to know if the game will have one global server or more and if players will be able to change the in-game language, one reddit user did just that and got in touch with the customer support team and they sent him a message back, which you can see the translated version right here:

“Regarding the app server, there will be one common global server for everyone. Also, there will be language settings for text, but there will be no language option for hero voices.”


And right here, you can find an image of the actual correspondence that prompted the response:


While Fire Emblem Heroes can’t be pre-registered just yet in the App Store, it can be pre-registered in the Google Play Store and becomes available to both android and iOS devices on the 2nd of February.


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