Since contacting the Fire Emblem Heroes support team has proved to be one way of getting new information on the forthcoming mobile title, we thought we’d contact them ourselves!

Due to having previously noticed the Google Play Games support listed on the Google Play pre-registration page for Fire Emblem Heroes, we thought we’d ask just what kind of support it is and although we did in fact get a speedy reply, sadly our question wasn’t answered. That being said, we also asked a second question, how much free space will we need on our smartphones in order to download the game and that question did get answered! So how much space will we be needing, well according to Nintendo, we were advised to have 1 GB of storage space!

This is in no way implies the game will require the full amount, as it’s more of a case that it is a placeholder number for storage space, to ensure gamers have more than enough space to download Heroes next week. Cheers for the speedy answer Nintendo Customer Support, we only emailed you three hours before you answered us.

Source: Nintendo Customer Support

By Jack Longman

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  7. I might have to check my data files on Wii U, I think that’s smaller than Hyrule Warriors, if not the same size. It’s been a while.

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