If you haven’t seen it yet, Day 11 of OBE1plays Nintendo Switchmas is up on YouTube and this time he’s talking streaming services.

According to his sources, streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix will not be available at launch, because Nintendo are solely focused on gaming for the Nintendo Switch. If not clear enough, in other words it means that as far as launch goes, they only care about ensuring the Switch has as a fantastic line-up and not anything else, as that can come later. It is also for that reason that OBE1plays stated that the presentation will be hugely focused on the games that are coming and the console itself.


But that’s not everything he had to share. Something we have heard about before is that Switch might be a little bit different as you will be able to add your friends from Facebook and Twitter and in the video, OBE1plays  essentially confirmed it is actually going to be something that will in fact happen. Now given what we’ve seen with Miitomo and Super Mario Run, which allow you to add friends from social media services, it’s not really a surprise, nor a leak as it is something Nintendo have implemented all ready and have heard about in the past. It is however something to take advantage of when we all trade up for the Switch.


As far as Nintendo Switchmas goes, OBE1plays does have a Day 12 video coming soon and he will be livestreaming the presentation and the Treehouse event, so if you feel like subscribing, click here, or you can just carry on as you are and we’ll be back with our Day 12 coverage soon. The choice is yours.

Source: OBE1plays (YouTube)

By Jack Longman

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3 thoughts on “(Rumour) Don’t Expect any Streaming Services Available at Launch”
  1. Not a big deal to me. I have multiple devices for Hulu, and Netflix and if I have to wait a little awhile for them to be available on the Switch that’s okay. The only thing I care about on a console are games.

  2. It might seem potentially damaging to not have streaming services but most people who want that are probably using their smart TV or some other device. I don’t remember a time when I used a Nintendo device to watch Netflix or Amazon Video. It’s important, but maybe not a deal-breaker. Though, arguably it gives the rival consoles an advantage from the start.

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