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OBE1plays is back with another of his live Nintendo Switchmas videos, and this time he’s talking about the Switch’s online services!

According to his sources, online services for the Nintendo Switch will be available at Launch. However given the way in which it is expressed, it implies that either the sources can only comment for launch as they are unsure themselves of whether it will be free long term, or that Nintendo fans fears will become a reality and at some point down the line, we will need to start paying.


Usually this would be the part in our regular OBE1plays leak coverage, where we say we’ve summarised the contents of what he said, which you can find below, but the paragraph about is the leak in its entirety, as the majority of the video was repeating that “fact” over and over and OBE1plays voicing his support of it. In the last video he did promised to leak tidbits on the presentation during this video, but it never happened, but let’s get back to his leak. This is not the first time we’ve heard about online services for the Switch and the possibility of having to pay for them, but it is the first time in a while we’ve heard it pop up and had a “at launch” expressed.


Whether or not it is true, this is something Nintendo should reveal during the presentation 2/3 days from now, so if we’re patient, an official answer is on its way, although OBE1plays did have one other thing to say. Apparently today will in fact have two videos, as his Day 11 video is to also be posted at some point later on today (specified evening, but that would be evening his time). For anyone looking to view Day 10 you can see it below, or click here to be taken directly to his channel so you can subscribe.

But should you miss the next video and associated leak, you can sure to read about it here at Miketendo64.


Source: OBE1plays (YouTube)

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