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It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch supports Unreal Engine, we learned about that back in October, but what we didn’t know however, is just how far that support went.

Thanks to a very recent interview between Japanese website Social VR Info and Takayuki Kawasaki (the territory manager for Epic Games Japan), Kawasaki confirmed that yes the Switch does indeed support Unreal Engine and that there are actually a lot titles that are currently being developed, which will be seeing a Nintendo Switch release. Not just that though, these titles, while we do currently know of some of them, there are many we don’t currently know about, but will hear about soon.


Now I don’t know about you, but after months of seeing what Ocarina of Time and Mario Sunshine would look like if they were made via Unreal Engine, I happen to have my fingers crossed that Nintendo would consider an Unreal Engine remake of both titles as it would truly be breath-taking, and two titles would be simple must have for every Switch owner, but only time will tell!


Source: svrinfo.jp via Nintendo Everything

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