Come Celebrate New Year’s with Miitomo (A Miitomo New Year’s Event)

The new year is just around the corner and Nintendo have chosen to begin the celebrate the annual occurrence by kicking off a New Year’s event for Miitomo!

So what’s going down? For starters there are three new Miitomo Drop! stages that are packed with the best-selling clothing items from the Miitomo Shop and since I mentioned shop, there’s going to be 100 new clothing items added to the shop. There’s also a free Golden Suit that can be collected on New Year’s Day when the clocks strike 12 and a limited time offer that enables us to get 6500 coins for the price of 3150, but you will need to be running version 2.1 of Miitomo.


Here’s the full notification direct from the Miitomo app


Source: Miitomo (In-game App Notification)


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