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Just in case there wasn’t enough ways to earn Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run, Nintendo have added a new one as part of Super Mario Run’s first event!


The new way to rack up those Rally Tickets is by playing Friendly Run. Whether you win or lose, when you go up against your friends, you will still walk away with a Rally Ticket. Only this means of earning tickets does have limitations what with their only being a set number of times a day you can play Friendly Run and the fact that this way of earning tickets is a limited time only thing, what with it being a Friendly Run Event. An event that is underway right now and set to end on the 11th of January, so if you do wish to get as many tickets as you can, make sure play every day, but just remember you can only hold a maximum of 99 Rally Tickets.


However should you find yourself short of the 99 limit when the event is over, as previously said, there are plenty of ways to earn tickets and these are just a few of them:


  • Playing any of the bonus games available via the three bonus houses (Red, Blue and Yellow), which can be done every eight houses with the Yellow Bonus Game House presenting the chance to collect more in a single game.
  • Hitting any of the ? Blocks with the Long ? Block which can surprise you with a whopping 20 Rally Tickets.
  • Collecting every Pink, Purple or Black Coin on a single level in a single for the first time, as they can give you 2 Rally Tickets.
  • Also, if you have the Platinum Points to spare, you can of course just buy Toad Rally Tickets in-game or direct from the My Nintendo website.



Source: Super Mario Run (In-game App Notification)

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