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Walkies with Undodog? More like deep sea exploration with Undodog! Then again, when is anything ever simple in the Mushroom Kingdom?

At long last, after five and a half months, Super Mario Maker for the Wii U, finally has a new level us to take on, which as soon as you beat it, you will unlock mystery Costume #150, aka Undodg! And beating it is not a hard task, as all you have to do is hop inside a pipe, swim through Piranha Plant infested waters, traverse a small bit of terrain, then take a second swim, but this time through Chomp infested waters, only to reach land once more and undergoing a short bit of jumping and walking to reach the flag pole. As long as you don’t go for a mad dash through the level and instead take a bit of time before implementing your underwater dodges, you can easily complete the course in 90 seconds or less!


So if you haven’t tried the course yet, why not fire up Super Mario Maker now and give it a try, it is a pretty fun course and you can find the course description for the course, directly below:


Walkies with Undodog:

“Mashiko was too busy to take Undodog for his usual walk today, so he decided to go walkies all by himself! But he hadn’t gone far when he came across a strange green pipe. Well, curiosity never killed the dog, so he jumped right inside! Now Undodog finds himself stranded in an unfamiliar land.

Can you help him find him way back home?”


 I for one am pleased to finally be able to unlock costume #150, what with it not being available for such a long time, but I’m also pleased to see the Wii U version of the game finally get a bit of attention before Super Mario Maker for the 3DS releases on the 2nd of December. A new update with new content would have been better, but a new event course and unlockable costume is better than nothing at all!

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