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As far as rumours go, this year has been packed with them and if weren’t going over Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch rumours, we’ve been losing our minds over the Mother 3 rumours!

Despite the series having a much smaller fanbase than most series’ playable on Nintendo platforms, when Mother 3 rumours dropped, the news spread across the internet like wildfire. Then when Emily Rogers relayed the news that it would release this year, a lot of us went a little more crazy because of this fact! However because the release never happened, a number of gamers did get a little spiteful over this, especially when Rogers would post another rumour, as they would like to point out she ‘IS’ wrong as far as Mother 3 is concerned, but she wasn’t the only one who was saying it, so let’s get the record straight there.

A number of media outlets with their own sources reported a similar thing and while a Mother 3 does indeed look very unlikely to happen this year, there have been whisperings that the game will come to Virtual Console, but instead of Wii U VC, it’s rumoured to come to Nintendo Switch VC in 2017 and even Rogers has tweeted an update regarding Mother 3 that corroborates what some of the ‘whispers’ have been saying:

This may promise nothing that can be considered substantial, what with being a rumour at this current moment in time, in a later tweet, Rogers does state her news comes from sources that are ‘close to Nintendo,’ at least it is some sort of an update on the information that both she and others provided us with earlier on in the year and that is something!


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