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When the Sun & Moon demo came out, YouTube user Kaphotics datamined a whole lot of information and now he has made so much more!

While we have no intention of sharing the Sun & Moon spoilers that have been doing the rounds the last 24 hours, (one lucky gamer has received a retail copy way ahead of release, has already taken to sharing everything they’ve experienced online), we will however share Kaphoticsdatamined discoveries. However we will only lightly summarise what is shown in the videos. If you wish to learn more then you can simply watch the videos we have included below. If you wish to learn less then you’ll want to click off this article while you still can.


So what exactly is it you can expect to see? Well there is footage of Marshadow using the move Spectral Thief, there’s a huge download of information regarding Pokémon and their stats and moves, Pokémon ranging from the starters, to Alolan variants, Legendries and even Ultra Beasts! Also revealed regarding Ultra Beasts, are their typing! UB-O2 Beauty is shown to be Bug-Fighting and that’s all you’re going to get out of me. If want more, scroll down.

For more datamined Sun & Moon information, you might want to consider to subscribing to Kaphoticschannel over on YouTube, he has plenty there you may not have seen already.



Source: Kaphotics (YouTube)




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