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If I had to say what my dream indie game would be, I would say it would be an Indie version of the Super Smash Bros. games. Not a flash copy or anything we’ve seen of that kind, but a full on Smash game that boasts a huge roster that is packed with an army of indie characters. I’m talking a true all out brawl between WayForward’s Shantae taking on Yacht Club Game’s Shovel Knight? Would the Knight of Shovelry be able to hold his own against the long purple-haired half-genie? I sure as hell don’t know, that’s why I want to find out. However if you like me, love this idea for an indie game, good news, there is one in development, only it hasn’t got Shantae and Shovel Knight.

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In fact the game isn’t even coming to a Nintendo platform anytime soon, yet despite that, I am just too interested in an indie title such as this, that I don’t care if it never sees a Nintendo release, and therefore has no place on our site, but it’s a game more of us should know about! So naturally I got in touch with Felix Kjølner of Blob Games and before you knew, more questions were drawn up and sent off. Fast forward 24 hours and the answers are in and they’re here for you to see.  Brace yourselves for this is our Indie Game Battle Q&A:


Indie Game Battle vs Smash Bros.:

 Miketendo64:Being so there are many gamers out there who are very much in the dark as far as Indie Game Battle Goes. What is Indie Game Battle?”

Felix Kjølner:Indie Game Battle is basically an indie version of Smash Bros. There’s more to it than that of course, but it’s an easy way to describe it. It aims to bring a platformer fighter with various indie games represented.

Miketendo64:Okay and since it is an indie version of Smash, in what ways are the two games similar? And in what ways are the two different?”

Felix Kjølner:They’re similar in the sense that they both have damage % to calculate knockback, and similar gameplay. However, IGB has a lot of differences, such as HP being on by default, no grabs (meaning weak shields), PP meters (PP is required to use certain moves), super attack meters, no landing lag, double jump cancelling (lets you jump out of any aerial attack), status effects, more strategy-based characters, etc. Many characters also have more than 4 special moves, and players can often do different moves or variations depending on if they hold the special attack button or tap it, or if they hold a specific direction on the joystick. Overall, the game also works very well with team battles, so I’d say the game may be team based.

Miketendo64:Good to know!”


Indie Game Battle’s Current State of Play:

Miketendo64:As far as Indie Game Battle is concerned, how far into development would you say you are?”

Felix Kjølner:Impossible to tell. We’re far off, but it’s impossible to tell mainly because we have no clue where we will end up. We know we will complete all currently confirmed characters, add more stages, finish Adventure Mode and Online, etc. But we have no clue how long we will keep at it, we just know that we will continue adding things to the game for a long time.


Indie Game Battle’s Status Effects:

Miketendo64:One of the fun facts about your game is status effects. What made you want to implement a feature such as this and can you tell us more about the status effects? Be it tips on the best ways of taking advantage of the status effects and incurring them on others?”

Felix Kjølner:I think one reason was that other platform fighters generally don’t have it. Characters may briefly burn after being hit by fire, but not too many of them make the fire actually have an effect on the player. Not all status effects are fully complete in the game right now, but we have Fire, Electricity, Confusion, Poison, Darkness, Light, Water, etc. It’s a lot to cover, but some of the more interesting effects is that electricity slows down your ground movement, and Darkness drains your PP meter (which prevents some characters from using certain specials). Also some other things, like Light being stronger on an opponent who currently has the Darkness status. There’s a lot of room for strategy, and this is just a few things you can do with it.


Coming up with a Game like Indie Game Battle:

Miketendo64:When did you first come up with the idea of Indie Game Battle, and what made you decide this was a game you wanted to pursue?”

Felix Kjølner:I think I came up with the idea two years ago or so. Of course, we don’t claim to have invented this idea, as there is a lot of people who have had the same idea, and some even tried something similar before us. We just aim to be successful with the idea, as nobody else seems to have continued and gotten far with it yet. As for why, it was probably mostly because I’ve played Smash Bros. ever since I was a kid. And when I began making games, I was obviously an indie game developer. So from there the idea just seemed to make sense. We initially intended it to be more focused on our own characters rather than other games, but it later became a crossover.


Dealing with the Pressures of Making a Game like Indie Game Battle vs Smash Bros.:

Miketendo64:Indie Game Battle is something of a big undertaking, especially since if done right, it could go on to be the biggest indie game on the market, how have you found developing the game and how are you dealing with the pressures a project like this usually comes with?”

Felix Kjølner: Yeah, the game is a ton of work. Personally though, what I find best is to take breaks. I have several other projects to work with, so I usually work on them. Right now I’m having a decently large break from IGB while working on my next project for a while.”20161022143123_1

 Would Love to bring Indie Game Battle to a Nintendo Platform:

Miketendo64:PC is your intended release platform. Are there any desires to try and bring it to other platforms, be them Nintendo, Sony or even Microsoft?”

Felix Kjølner: We definitely want to bring it to other platforms. I think our first target would be a Nintendo platform, but I think we’d be interested in all of them if it seemed possible enough. Still, for now we can’t even properly support up-to-date Mac and Linux builds of the game, so console versions wouldn’t happen anytime soon. We’ll probably finish up a lot more on the PC version before we move on.”

Miketendo64:Fair enough.”


Multiplayer with Indie Game Battle:

Miketendo64:With PC being the intended platform, let’s talk about multiplayer for a moment. Will it all be online, or will the game support local play as well, be it two players sharing a keyboard, or using a controller each, plugged into the same computer?”

Felix Kjølner: Well, having been on Steam Early Access for a year already, it definitely supports local multiplayer. That mainly works with multiple controllers, and we also have the option for Player 1 to use Keyboard so one less controller is needed (means 2 people can play, even with just one controller). With all that said, we are working on online as well, so we hope to add that someday too.”


There will Be Blood, or at Least a Boss Rush Mode!:

Miketendo64:Besides battling, will Indie Game Battle feature any other playable game modes?”

Felix Kjølner:We’re currently developing Adventure Mode, which will function like the game’s single player mode (however, it does still support multiple players). We may also do some more in the future, but it’s a bit vague. We know we will have a Boss Rush mode at least, however.”


Cave Story’s Quote Would be a Welcome Addition:

Miketendo64:With Indie Game Battle packed with a ton of indie characters, if you could have any character you want in the game, who would it be?”

Felix Kjølner:Personally? Quote from Cave Story. I’m a big Cave Story fan, which can be easily soon on my next, in-development project. There’s of course others I’d like to see, but Quote has to be #1 for me.”


Shovel Knight is Proving to be a Handful:

Miketendo64:Getting other developers permission to use their characters in your game isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Who have been the hardest characters for you to acquire?”

Felix Kjølner:Usually, developers are either very open, or they just decline. We usually don’t have to try so hard to get something, as devs usually say yes or no pretty clearly immediately. Though, regarding effort, I would say the one we’ve tried hardest to get is Shovel Knight, and we must’ve spoken to Yacht Club Games 5 times or something by now. Still hoping for it someday!”

Miketendo64: “Well the famous knight has been making the rounds lately. There’s still a chance.”


Indie Game Battle Compared to the Other Works by Blob Games:

Miketendo64:Indie Game Battle has quite the interesting line-up, as someone who playtests the game often, how do you find all the different attack styles? What do you make of the fighters themselves and how does IGB compare to Blob Games’ other works?”

Felix Kjølner:Well, I find that pretty much every character in the game has combos of some form. Hitstun is pretty high even on weak attacks, and the game is pretty aimed at aggressive playstyles being possible. I would say characters have large differences and distinct playstyles however, as some are excellent at range but weaker close up. Others are also more aimed at support, by healing teammates and themselves. In general though, they all feel very different if you try out the game and look into what each character has available for them. Not sure how IGB compares to other games we’re making, but it’s definitely different in the sense that it’s never really finished, unlike other games. All other games are also based on being able to play through completely, but IGB is the only one which focuses on multiplayer and simply being played again. As it doesn’t have a story, so it functions completely differently from the other single player/co-op experiences.”


Indie Game Battle Will Continue to be Supported Long After Release:

Miketendo64:With indie characters being a must for this game, is Indie Game Battle the kind of game you will release, with the possibility of dlc or a patches that will add new fighters long after release, or is it a one-time deal? (Fill out a roster you’re happy with and then release it and call it done.)

Felix Kjølner:It’s a continual thing. We’re still on Early Access, and we’ll transition to full release after Adventure Mode and/or Online Mode is out, but it won’t mark any end of development. We plan no DLC either, so it’s just a game we’ll support for free for a long time out of passion for the project.”

Miketendo64:I sure like the sound of that!”


Let’s Get the Indie Game Battle Name out There!:

Miketendo64:As far as Indie Game Battle goes, is there anything you would like our readers and your fans to know that you feel we haven’t addressed?”

Felix Kjølner:There’s not much more to say I can think of. Though, I guess I would recommend people to always ask me or others on the team to ask any questions they might have, since we answer everything. And besides that, to remind people that IGB’s Wikia also holds a lot of info, too. Anyone can help edit and add info there as well. And of course, that to spread the word about IGB would be immensely helpful. We see many people every month ask on Twitter about when an indie Smash Bros. will show up, or if it will at all, so there is sadly a ton of people out there who wants an indie Smash Bros. to exist, while being unaware that we’re currently developing it. So we want people to know that they’re dream game actually exists, and that they can help us make it become the game people are asking for if they are willing.”

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It really is a shame that there are still loads of us who just don’t know about this game, so hopefully if you’ve never heard of Indie Game Battle before and you found yourself here on our site, reading all about it, then at least word of this game has reached another gamer, able to help spread the word on even further and because Felix has one last thing to say, here he is with a message for the fans:

I touched a bit upon this above, but with the help of fans the game can grow a lot. Right now we lack some of the biggest indie characters, and they’re a struggle to get. However, fans can do a lot to make IGB reach its goal and actually make indie Smash Bros. a real thing. Some have already tried making this game a thing before and failed, so we could be the ones to succeed if there’s enough support behind it. Still, I thank everyone who wants us to continue on with the project, and any support is always appreciated!IGBCover.png

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