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So quick recap. Yesterday the Nintendo Switch was unveiled, it looks incredible and we started emailing everyone we could to hear their reactions to and thoughts on Nintendo’s next home console as we got a few replies and now we’ve got another one to post about.

Yes we already did a Nintendo Switch related article with Wraith Games, but that one was actually extracts taken from our upcoming interview piece with the company, whereas the comments we’ll be sharing below pertain to the company’s thoughts and comments on what will be the future of Nintendo gaming, the Nintendo Switch and we have them right here:


“For starters, I gotta say… the Switch looks like a BOSS! There’s something sleek and classy about the design. It’s very 2017. The tablet-style form factor is pretty slick. Back when the Wii U was first released, there was a bit of backlash toward how bulky the tablet controller was. The Switch, though? This looks like it probably weighs only slightly more than an Android tablet of similar size. To be honest, its whole appearance and form factor is reminiscent of something Sony would have designed; maybe like a successor to the Vita if that hadn’t flopped? It’s just a sexy looking piece of tech.”


“As for our stance on it, well that’s easy: All of our “YES”! This morning, after the trailer hit, we hurried off to the Nintendo Developer Portal to see if they had any dev kits up yet. Unfortunately they don’t as of yet, but this is a piece of hardware that we definitely want to get our hands on!”


“Now, one of the things that worried us was whether or not Unity and Construct would support the Switch (since that’s where we do most of our work). Now, while Scirra hasn’t said anything about Construct, yet, Unity has said that they will be supporting the Switch. Don’t get me wrong, we’re pretty darned sure that the Switch will feature Construct (since Construct’s greatest strength is that its games pretty much play on any platform that features HTML5), since we don’t even know that HTML5 is supported yet at all (slim though it is that it wouldn’t be) it sure is worrisome.”


“Again, though, knowing for sure that support for Unity is confirmed, we’d be foolish not to embrace the Switch with open arms (both in terms of new IP as well as porting our pre-existing Nintendo titles), though only time will tell. It sure does look cool, though! It really is amazing, though, huh? With a bevy of pretty high-profile leaks and rumors, who would have thought that they’d turn out to pretty much all be true?! Between it being a console/handheld hybrid, cartridge based, comparable in power to the Wii U (at least that’s what the footage looks like), and even Skyrim; the leaks and rumors really seemed to be right on the money!”


“But yeah… needless to say, we can’t wait for what Nintendo has in store!”


It is great how everyone we’ve spoken to so far and hugely supportive of the Nintendo Switch, especially when you think back to the 80’s and you picture the NES. If you were around during those times, could you imagine going back to that point and telling yourself what the NES would eventually evolve into? How Nintendo would reshape home console gaming, by enabling you to leave your home and play huge games on the go, wherever you are and with whoever you want? That past self would think we’re crazy and they should, because the future is crazy and that is what makes it so exciting!


Source: Jay Kidd of Wraith Games

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