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Now that enough time has passed for Sun & Moon demo to release and give everyone around the globe more than enough time to immerse themselves in all its Pokémon goodness, I at last can write about it!

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another one of those articles that everyone else has been doing today and yesterday (time zones,) which is packed with the entire demo storyline and step by step moments, because by now most of you will have already gone through all of that. Instead it’s just going to be an unfiltered post where I get to say whatever I want about the demo and that is some thumbs up goodness!2.jpg

So the demo begins, you are made to choose a language and after that, the fun can begin. Cue great music, a zoom in pan sequence and then protagonist Sun going to check his mail after moving to Alola from Kanto. What’s funny about the letter is that it is clearly Ash from the anime and films who sent the letter, since it’s his Greninja that the demo sees you equipped with and yet he end opts to leave his name off the letter. But he didn’t do that good a job of hiding his identity, not when you check out Greninja’s information and see Ash’s name clear as day. Still Greninja is a good Pokémon and he definitely sees some use in the demo.

Now I could have said “sees a lot of use” but instead I said some, why? Because, and this might get me some hate, but the demo wasn’t nearly as large as I expected it to be and since there were a number of articles banging on about the demo’s large size, it did lead a lot of us to think there was a lot more to the demo than just the story mode. Sure there are some little challenges for you to complete, challenges such as a Poké Rider one that sees you use a certain Gen 1 Pokémon to charge through a number of boulders. Then there’s a Pokémon capture challenge and even a battle challenge, which do earn you prize items you can transfer to the full game, but that’s pretty much it.

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Yes there are a few special NPCs dotted around Hau’oli City, who if you encounter on a certain day, will enable you to participate in certain events that will reward you with more items you can transfer to the full game along with the Greninja who can become Ash-Greninja, but even then they are just so few in-between and will probably take as long as the other challenges took.  Then of course there’s a NPC you can encounter randomly over in Ten Carat Hill, who if encountered, leads you to using the Poké Finder function of your Rotom Dex and laying eyes on Alolan Dugtrio.

So yeah, the actual content in the demo is a lot less than I expected, but at least the world is vibrant, the battles have never looked better and yes using a Z-Move is fun, but when faced against Plumeria and her Golbat companion, I actually felt using the move was a cop out and unnecessary. There just wasn’t enough of Team Skull in the demo, but as much as I loved the demo, there was one thing I didn’t like. I can forgive the demo for letting me be able to catch Rockruff and not being able to evolve it, even though I levelled him up twice, only to then release him to the wild, but what I can not forgive is the failed inclusion of Alolan Rattata. We’ve known for a while now that Yungoos is a Sun exclusive and that Yungoos is not nocturnal, so why the hell did almost every wild Pokémon encounter I had during the night time, see me faced to face with a Yungoos and not an Alolan Rattata? I really wasn’t happy about that.2.jpg

As good as it is, the demo has me torn. It had so much potential but from everything we’ve seen so far, it hasn’t reached that potential. Yes it look amazing. Yes the music and battle tunes are better than ever. Yes this is a Pokémon game like no other, and yes I do want to play Moon, but I wanted to get Moon long before the demo came out. I didn’t need the demo to add to my desire, but I did want it to show off a few of the game’s finer features in a lot better detail than that which we did get. I’m not saying the demo is a let down, but I’ve got to be honest, the ORAS demo was, is better.2.jpg

But that is just my opinion with regards to the demo, and I have said enough, so why not share your thoughts of the demo with us instead in the comments section below? We do love hearing from you!


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