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Articles pertaining to Axiom Verge has been appearing on our site for good reason lately, one because it’s news we love to hear/write about and two because we’re actually in the middle of arranging an interview with Thomas Happ Games. Sadly though we will have to change one of our questions.

We were going to ask them “Had Nintendo approached you about including Samus Aran as an unlockable character for the game upon 100% completion, would you have jumped at the chance or kept the game as it is?” But thanks to Dan Adelman, we now know that a Samus costume was proposed, and a number of Nintendo employees did like the idea, but it never got the approval it needed. For Adelman’s full comment, scroll down:


“We would have loved to have a secret code to have Trace where a Samus costume. Some people inside Nintendo really liked the idea, but after a lot of internal discussion, they ultimately had to decide not to give us permission to do that. I think the idea that someone could play the entire game of Axiom Verge looking like Samus Aran was too big of a concern for them.

There is a similar kind of callback, though. If you type JUSTIN BAILEY into the passcode tool, it has Trace in a leotard, just like in Super Metroid.” – Dan Adelman of Thomas Happ Games.


This information comes to us from an AMA on reddit hosted by the team that brought us Axiom Verge. All manner of things have been asked and most of them got answered, so if you’re looking to get to know the game better, click on the link below:


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