An interview between Nintendo World Report’s Daan Koopman (NintenDaan) and Dave Proctor of 13AM Games has now been posted, and despite having recently interviewed Justin Fernandes of 13AM Games ourselves, at the time Justin couldn’t really say much about Pirate Pop Plus. But now that the game was shown off at Gamescom, 13AM Games can talk about the game, so with that in mind, here are our highlights of Daan Koopman’s interview with Dave Proctor:


An introduction:

Dave Proctor: “My name is Dave Proctor, and I’m a producer and one of the co-founders at 13AM Games. I, well we, worked on a game called Runbow for the Wii U, and we’re working on Runbow Pocket for the New 3DS and publishing Pirate Pop Plus!, which is playable for the first time anywhere outside of Japan here at Gamescom.”


Pirate Pop Plus in a Nutshell:

Dave Proctor: “Pang, that classic shoot ’em up and target spinning, a brilliant mechanic. Pirate Pop Plus kind of turns it on its head by adding gravity inversion. Your enemy in the game, Bubble Pirate, who by the way has trapped all the residents of the small seaside town in bubbles. Sorry for the lore bomb there, guys. *laughs* He will change the gravity and sometimes force you on the walls or force you on the ceiling, and the speed with which he does this and the unpredictable nature of it is what makes the game more difficult and changes that classic Buster Bros arcade experience into something entirely new. Plus like you said, it’s a stylized game, it’s not just about playing the game, it’s about imagining that you have this little handheld game in your hands and customizing the look of the handheld game in Pirate Pop Plus itself.”


How the Dadako & 13AM Games Collaboration came to be:

Dave Proctor: “We had talked about expanding our company, being able to use the things we learned developing a game for a console or multiple consoles and bring them to developers who may not be interested in bringing the game to a console. As well, Hawken came from Dadako Studios and met Alex at TGS last year and Alex saw Pirate Pop Plus and he fell in love with it, he brought it home, we all fell in love with it and a long and beautiful romance started to bloom. We play it constantly in the office, and we love it as much as Runbow which is really important to us that we can still sit down, still have fun with Runbow. But we’re maybe too addicted to Pirate Pop Plus right now.”


Unlockable Characters:

Dave Proctor: “Yeah, there are unlockable playable characters. Your core character is Pete Jr, who’s a little bit of a lazy pirate who wakes up and discovers he has to save the world. You can also play as Shynot, who moves a little bit slower but he gets more points, and Dave – not named after me, but he does kind of look like me, so I’m going to say it’s named after me – moves a little slower but he has a peg leg. He moves a little slower, but he has more health, so it’s a constant trade-off. There’s a fourth character, who I guarantee your fans know, that will be announced right before we launch. Coming soon.”


How much it will Cost:

Dave Proctor: “So Pirate Pop Plus, so everyone knows, is coming to Wii U and New 3DS as a crossbuy title. If you buy either version, you will get the other – buy Wii U, get New 3DS, buy New 3DS and get the Wii U version for one price. The price is… I don’t know the conversion right now, but US$5 is about €3.50, something around there. We’re also bringing the game to Steam if for some reason visitors to Nintendo World Report don’t have a Nintendo console. As for Runbow Pocket, we’re still working very, very hard at it, we have new announcements coming as we’re able to give them to our fans. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll give them to you right away.”


For the full interview, regarding Pirate Pop Plus and everything else mentioned about the game, be sure to click the link below:


With the very same link, you’ll also be able to see what got discussed about Runbow Pocket as, but if you are looking to learn more about the Runbow series, then you will also want to check out our interview with 13AM Games as well, by clicking on the link below:


Source: Daan Koopman & Donald Theriault of Nintendo World Report

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