With the Mythical Arceus distribution set to end on Wednesday, you now have just three more days to get Arceus from selected store before the Mythical Pokémon is gone for good. But when Mythical distribution ends, another begins and that’s why next month, we’ll be able to claim our very own Victini!2

According to Victini’s Pokédex information, if you’re Pokémon Trainer looking to be the very best, you might want to consider having a Victini on your team, as this Psychic/Fire-type ensures victory, regardless of how powerful your opponent’s Pokémon are. But unless you’re a character in the TV series where Mythical Pokémon can be used in league matches (Darkrai,) it doesn’t work like that in the real world, and who can say no to a free Pokémon? (I sure as hell can’t!)

Victini, just like the previous distributed Mythical Pokémon will be sticking around from the 1st to the 24th of September and will be available via the Nintendo Network, so claiming this Pokémon is a whole lot simpler than going to a store to get a code, as you can easily stay at home and get Victini via the internet. As for the Pokémon itself, Victini will be at Lv.100, have the ability: Victory Star and know the following moves:



Quick Attack




The process to get Victini is a very simple one as you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home, (provided you have a working internet connection, a 3DS and a copy of either ORAS, or X&Y.) But just in case you are not quite sure how the process works, or need a reminder, you can find our guide below:


How to Receive your Victini:


-First turn on your device, load up the game and access Mystery Gift.

-Click “Receive Gift,” then “Get Via Internet.”

-You will be asked: “You will be connected to the Internet. Would you like to continue?” Click “Yes” to confirm.

-Once a gift has been found (Victini,) you will be asked: “Receive this Gift?” Click “Yes.”

-You will see a box saying “Receiving your gift… Don’t turn off power.”

-Gift will then be received along with the associated Wonder Card.  The card thanks you for playing Pokémon and tells you that you can pick up your gift from the delivery girl at any Pokémon Centre.

-Lastly, go to a Pokémon Centre of your choice, and speak to the delivery girl. She will then give you your Victini. (Whoooo!)


Should our guide not be clear enough and you feel you need further explanation, you could always use the link to the official Pokémon website and click on instructions:



And should you for some reason, be turning your thoughts to the Pokémon being distributed in October, the Water/Fighting-type Keldeo will also be distributed over the Nintendo Network. However since we have to wait until next month before we can get Victini and then a full month after that for Keldeo, how about we change the topic to a Pokémon you can get today. If you are in Europe or Australia, there is a Lv.20 Meowth currently being distributed with the move: Happy Hour and should you wish to receive the Pokémon for your X, Y or ORAS game, make sure you use choose Get Via Code and input HAPPY. As with every Pokémon distribution, you will need to make sure you pay a visit to any Pokémon Centre and receive the Meowth from the delivery girl. It’s as simple as that. Happy collecting trainers!

Source: Pokemon20.com

By Jack Longman

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