It seems Eiji Aonuma had more than just day and night cycles for Breath of the Wild, to talk about in this month’s issue of EDGE, because he also had time to briefly speak about motion controls for the Nintendo Wii. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:


“When they told me about (the Wii’s) motion controls, I was kind of surprised. But I’ve been with Nintendo a long time. At first they would say, ‘Hey, we made this new platform. Make a game.’ The next step was, ‘Is there anything you want to add to this new platform?’ Now I’m involved in creating hardware. They’ll ask me what would be a good feature to add. I’m not so taken aback by it anymore.”

Its interesting Aonuna touched on that, especially when there is still so little known about the NX and just exactly what it can do and what kind of an effect it will have on Breath of the Wild. But he did also say he felt “fulfilled” with what he did do with regards to motion controls for Skyward Sword and I know a lot of Zelda fans would have preferred it with Skyward Sword’s motion controls worked more like those used in Twilight Princess Wii, but a Skyward Sword remake without motion controls would not be the same SS so many of us loved.


Should you think different, well that’s what comment sections are for, a place for reader’s to voice their opinions, start discussions and partake in heated debates. Go crazy!


Source: Darrin W. Harr II of Zelda Informer

By Jack Longman

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