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The moment has come guys. The final Splatfest is now underway and the fighting has already started!


For the next 48 hours Splatoon isn’t just a game, it is a War zone and although there may be two sides at the moment, only one can be left standing when the dust settles. If you want to see your chosen team win, you must play your heart out. Play like you’ve never played before and take no prisoners. You, all of You, are the Inkling who can turn the tide of battle to your favour. Without you, your team is worthless. Without your team, you are worthless, so forget about Pokémon GO this weekend, catch that Charmander next week, this weekend Splatoon is the only thing that matters.

So in closing, stop reading this and go get your game on! Stock up on food. Turn your phones off empty your bladder because right now nothing else matters than the greatest of all Splatfest battles. It’s time to represent your side!



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