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It turns out that The Wall Street Journal may have been correct because the release for Pokémon GO has in fact resumed, but so far only for Germany on both Android and iOS devices.

It does also mean I was wrong in my belief that such a rollout felt too soon, due to the recent claims by Niantic that they wouldn’t proceed until they felt comfortable with servers. Saying that, The Wall Street Journal believes multiple regions will get it, including, the majority, if not all of Europe, so while they may be partly right, they are not fully correct on their claim just yet, but there is some time on the clock for it to still happen.

The weird part about this though is why Germany first? Yes there are plenty of Pokémon fans there, but with an English version out in the US, Australia and New Zealand already, surely it would have been easier just to release the app first in the United Kingdom? Clearly they are more interested in releasing the app in other languages, so it could mean that users in France and Spain could actually get their hands on Pokémon GO, before those in the UK can. Another claim that does go to “back” that is that an uncredible rumour that Nintendo will be releasing the app in the UK this week because they would like the focus to instead be on Zelda and the other games they will be displaying Hyper Japan Festival 2016 this week.


Whatever happens next, we’ll be back to report on it as soon as we’re able, but if no news comes out soon, we’ll probably be posting our “Pokémon Porn” article instead. (The only thing bigger than Pokémon GO’s success, is the increasing Pokémon Porn that’s hitting the internet, and we’re not afraid to write about it.)


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