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Instead of being a post about how great the app is, you know, the no.1 app in the iOS charts for the United States of America, this is a post about the dangers that come with the app and no, this is not a follow up to yesterday’s Pokémon GO Could Cost You a Fortune (which it can,) but the real world dangers this app comes with, but it is not the app and it’s developers who are at fault.

Pokémon GO is a game that encourages people to get up and go, to voyage outwards in the hopes of discovering and catching Pokémon, but already a lot of users are going too far. They are walking into bad neighbourhoods and getting robbed, getting stabbed and left for dead. There are reports of teenagers breaking into other people’s homes, just because there is a Pokémon inside the house they really want. (Spoiler alert it’s not Mewtwo and even if it was, even Mewtwo isn’t reason enough to break into someone’s house during the middle of the night, or light of day.)

There are even reports of people playing Pokémon GO whilst driving, which I think is the worst yet. Going into a police station is one thing because it’s a PokésStop is one thing, but playing it whilst driving is just not on, not to mention illegal and a finable offence. I get people want to play it and to catch as many Pokémon as they can, when they can, but seriously come on, there is a time to play it and a time to put your phone down and focus on the road. I like anyone else want to really enjoy this game, but we do need to remember it is just a game.

Yes it is Pokémon in the real world, but they’re just virtual creations we see on our phones, when you’re standing in the middle of a road trying to catch a Pikachu, the oncoming car isn’t going to mow down the Pokémon because it’s not real, it will hit you though and that will feel very real indeed and I’m not the only one who thinks the app can be dangerous, because here is The Know with their video on the same subject.

So to sum up, if you are not careful, not mindful of your surroundings, Pokémon GO can be dangerous. It can get you hurt and hurt you badly, and if that happens it won’t be Niantic’s fault, but your own, due to your incompetence. We are not telling you that you shouldn’t play it, because we do love it, it is fun, enjoyable and fairly addictive, but we are urging you to take notice of what’s going on around you and to please be careful. Don’t become another statistic.


For more Pokémon GO related news and a forthcoming review, be sure to visit our site again, as we will be supplying fairly regular updates pertaining to Pokémon GO, on all aspects of the app.



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  • My 18 year old son followed the Pokemon app and left my home at 5:00am within a half an hour he came come bleeding from his head and nose. Two men had robbed him about five houses away from my home. Both men was armed and tried to force him into their car after they demanded his fone. He resisted and one guy choked him and they hit him in d head and nose with d guns and left him for dead. They checked his pockets and asked if he had anything else. He had nothing else. I took him to the doctor and he had a head injury and a broken nose. Please continue to write about the dangers of the Pokemon app because I really don’t want any child to suffer the way my son did. He is now traumatized. He was always a big kid at heart. Always happy, loving, and cheerful. Now he just seems sad.

    • It is truly terrible what people will do and to what extreme. Your son was minding his own business and did not deserve what happened to him, no one does. I hope the muggers get what they deserve. Pokemon Go was supposed to be a fun lighthearted app but it seems it is both a blessing and a curse. Thank you for sharing and I hope it will help others realise the dangers of Pokemon Go and sometimes it is safer not to catch them all.

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