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Conveni Dream is an Eshop only title (costing just £4.50 on the UK store). It only takes up 167 blocks. Graphically its appealing and the music is very catchy.

It’s simple but very addictive. You own your own shop selling food, drinks, sweets, magazines and other items such as stationery. 

It’s not a difficult game and after only a couple hours you find it is easy to make money. Every time you level up you unlock more items to sell, new shelving that holds more items so you dont have to stock up as often, and decorations for the store such as tables and balloons, which also boost your customer appeal rating. 

You can also hire new cashiers and shelf stackers that have their own stats. You will find yourself hiring and firing. Another feature is you can choose the workers uniforms, most of which follow the seasons theme. Your shops floor and wall will also change automatically to match the theme.

Most weeks go quickly, especially if you speed up play (you can change the speed from slow, normal, fast or fastest) and follows a theme, such as Mothers Day so the game recommends you stock up on flowers and you will sell a more of those during that week than your other items. Or another theme will recommend you sell fireworks and hotdogs. 

Mostly if you have enough staff they will do everything by themselves, such as dealing with complaints and shop lifters, but if the bins need emptying then you need to tap on the bin and a cleaner will empty it. As long as you have enough shelf stackers you wont need tap on the shelf/chiller to stock up unless you want to change what is being sold. Sometimes stock will start going out of date and money will be lost as its thrown away. But you don’t really notice it affecting your earnings much.

Every so often you can expand your store and that gets more expensive each time. But so far I haven’t had to wait long to earn enough. 

Overall the game plays itself but is somehow very addictive and fun with a cute factor. For the price it is worth it and easy to just pick up and play.

Overall I score it 8/10.
Written By Victoria Thorley (HGN).


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  • Love simulation games like these. Saw it on the eShop store and was wondering if it’s any good. Now I might get it… thanks for the review!

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