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It was Miyamoto who told us that we can expect to get our hands on Pokémon GO app next month and with the field tests ending this week, it is looking like it could certainly be true, but now a single date has emerged from the rumour mill and it looks like we could be seeing the release of Pokémon GO on the 25th of July.


But, even now these are unconfirmed rumours and both Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company are saying nothing and although I could argue what’s wrong with this release date, Pokémon GO Gameplay does it much better than I could, so here’s the latest video that covers exactly this:

Now I’m as desperate as the next guy for a release date and I just don’t see the 25th working at all. It’s either going to be the 19th or the 26th and the 26th is the most likely, because although “the End of July” was said, the app could require a little last minute tuning and have a delayed released, meaning we won’t see it until August. However the date is in the right ballpark and if some of the rumours are true, we can expect an official announcement two weeks from now, which will unveil the release date. So until then, all we can do is sit around, twiddling our thumbs. Or I’ll do that and you just go live your lives, but GO is coming and its coming soon, the question is, are you ready?


Source: Pokémon GO Gameplay (YouTube)

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