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Pokkén Tournament is due for a new update, but before we all get excited, it’s mostly a balance update, which will affect all playable Pokémon and even a few of the support Pokémon as well.

Version 1.3 is due out next week on the 15th and will affect the following support Pokémon:









& Cresselia


We will post the translated patch notes as soon as we get them.


Source: Serebii.net

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1 Comment

  • Nooooo, they’re gonna nerf my favorite healer! I love the Super Smash patches, but I don’t feel like Pokken really needs any. I suppose as long as they don’t do anything too drastic it’ll be fine, but with Apex 2016 being in just a weak, I don’t want much to change. I’m going to take home that Gold Trophy!

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