Special Edition Let’s Talk About The MH: Nintendo’s “Next Gen Handheld”

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Hello and welcome to the 1st special edition of Let’s Talk About, we doubt we will be doing many Special Edition Let’s Talk About posts, but given the developments of today, only a very special edition will do. In today’s next instalment in our series of discussion posts and videos dedicated to all things Nintendo, we are going to be discussing the “breaking news” leak that many of us believed to be false before the rumour was concerned as such. We are of course discussing the “MH!”

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Strictly speaking considering as how it started out as a mere rumour that has enveloped the whole internet, you would think we would write about the MH as one of our Rumour Has It articles, but no, we wouldn’t. We only cover the most “believable” and possible rumours in that feature series and as far as the “next gen handheld in development” goes, I smelt a rat as soon as I heard about it. Now I do have a few things I wish to talk about on this, but in case any of you missed out on the leak or how this all got started, it’s important to start at the beginning and work on from there.


One of, if not the first news outlet to speak out about the MH, was IGN, whose source link takes you to a thread on NeoGaf. A thread which came about after a tweet, which linked back to a financial report conducted by Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley, which was also covered by Yahoo. The tweet that liked back is now no longer in action and the report which “stated” the existence of Nintendo are in fact developing a new handheld along with the NX, but in actual fact it is more of a prediction that Nintendo are currently developing one. Below you will find a translated version of the report:


“Nintendo – Mitsubishi UFJMS cutting stock price benchmarks, targeting long-range investment

Nintendo <7974.T> continue to see their stock prices fall. At the Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, the new traction for mid-term profit growth is being changed to next-generation game console. As a target for long-term investment, the investment judgment “Overweight” is continued. The stock price benchmark is being reduced from 34000 yen to 32200 yen.

By doing things like changing money order premises, forecasts from FY March 2017 to FY March 2020 are being revised downwards. The driving force for economic growth has been switched from previous new businesses like “Health service, Theme park & Mobile games” to the next generation game console NX and next generation portable game console MH (Tentative title). There is no change in mid-term growth scenario.

Things being predicted from now on are new factors to profit impact when NX and MH are to be fully announced, and monetization of mobile games. If the skepticism on these can be wiped away, there is a high chance that their stocks will be greatly revalued, and as a premise for long-term investment, now is perhaps the [best] entry timing [to invest here].


It would be great if it was true that a new handheld was in the works as it would mean we have something else to look forwards to seeing, but at the same time, it would be terrible, especially if the MH is not the handheld controller for the NX. Sure the 3DS is up for replacing within the next couple of years, but we did just get the New 3DS last year, which has yet to have anything done with it really. There aren’t many exclusive titles that take full vantage of the handheld, so why bring out something else, when you haven’t even seen what you can do with the one you have out now because the New 3DS has not had the chance to show us what it is really capable of. However although I still believe this rumour is entirely false and that as far as Nintendo’s handheld line goes, they’re only currently talking about the next instalment and not in the development stage, it doesn’t mean to say they couldn’t be thinking of developing something else.1.jpg

Nintendo have said time and time again that they are truly dedicated to developing mobile games an making it a viable part of their business and many of us have been sat here thinking “well why don’t they just make a mobile phone of their own instead of just developing games for Android and iOS devices?” Well what if Nintendo do intend to do just that. I am not saying they are developing one right now, but you never know, some day a year or two from now, Nintendo could actually be developing a real MH, a MH which in this case stands for Mobile Handheld, the ultimate Nintendo gaming mobile devices, which in no way be a replacement to the likes of the 3DS, nor competition as it is merely another means for Nintendo to dominate the video game industry. Surely we’ve all seen the unofficial Nintendo Smart Boy, an official device like that would be a true Mobile Handheld.2.jpg

Nintendo could still develop games for Android and iOS even if they do go down the MH route, but it just means that their MH gets even better games. Better quality, which could be done via cartridges you plug into the device. Suddenly Nintendo can make full scale games for gamers who prefer to do everything via a mobile device, whilst at the same time being able to sell full mobile games that don’t involve you paying out another cent after purchasing the plug in game cart.


When it comes to the Big N, anything is possible and I certainly wouldn’t put it past them, but given everything Nintendo have going on right now, there is no way at all that they are developing anything other than the NX and won’t start development anything else until after the NX has released and even then it might be six months after. As for a Mobile Handheld, even that is doubtful to enter the development stage until Nintendo have a minimum of 5-7 games out, which could take until the Summer of 2017 before that happens. But yes, the MH is a red herring, a “prediction” made by those who compiled the report, still a truth is still a truth until proven to be a lie and just because there is no MH now it doesn’t mean we won’t get one further down the line, say 2019.


 And there we are, at the end of our Special MH Edition of Let’s Talk About. We hope you enjoyed the issues we addressed and the talking points we covered. Should there be a game, a series, a character or anything else you would like us to discuss in a future piece, be sure to mention it in the comments because as far as Let’s Talk About goes, nothing is off limits.



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