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*UPDATE (25/05/16): and Niantic Labs now confirm USA field test underway and new details to be true.

With the Pokémon GO beta scam still ongoing over on Twitter, excitement continues to mount as the United States beta is underway and just like last time, The Silph Road were happy to share new details before, they’re doing so again and this time it seems the US beta is getting a few things the other betas didn’t.

This information has yet to appear on the likes of or Niantic Labs’ blog, but so far, nothing The Silph Road have shared has turned out to be false, so if you are interested in knowing a few of the new inclusions for the beta, scroll down, but should you rather get your information all from a video instead, scroll down even further for the YouTube video that will do just that. New changes include the following:


  • An overhaul on the authentication and login system as it seems an age gate will be put into effect.
  • New Items such as an Egg Incubator, will hatch eggs as you walk, but it does have a limit as it will break after 5 eggs hatch. There will also be Lucky Eggs, which double XP for 30 minutes and Incense, which increases the amount of Pokémon that will spawn within 30 minutes. (All items mentioned can be acquired by purchasing them with PokéCoins.)
  • A camera will be featured among your item list to enable you to take photos of the Pokémon you encounter.
  • There will also be a Daily Defender Bonus.


(Elaborated details on all of the above information can be found by clicking here or by watching the video below as previously mentioned.)

All I know is, the longer all this goes on for, the more excited I get about the thought that one day soon I’ll get to experience the delight of Pokémon GO myself and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way.


Source: The Silph Road (Reddit)


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