Animal Crossing: 15 Years On

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The Animal Crossing series has come a long way since the first game. There’s been a lot of great ones and a few that has missed the mark. But overall it is a very popular series that we love and commit a lot of hours too. I myself have over 2500 hours logged altogether on New Leaf, which I still play after nearly three years.
I have a lot of love for the game because I also met some great people from the Animal Crossing communities.


The spin off Happy Home Designer was also enjoyable. I racked up 140 hours before it lost it’s novelty. But i always saw it as a spin off so I got more out of it than I expected.
Recently it has been announced that Nintendo are making an Animal Crossing mobile phone game. We don’t have much information on it yet but i hope it will have a lot more depth than Miitomo, Which was only fun for me for a couple days.
It needs to be engaging and offer a lot to do otherwise it will anger a lot of fans. Especially Wii U owners who have not had a proper Animal Crossing game, as Amiibo Festival was a spin off and a let down.
But it is worth mentioning Animal Crossing has now sold 1 million amiibo packs in Europe (3 cards are in a pack, meaning a total three million individual cards).


Having said that this new game should not make Nintendo delay a new console Animal Crossing game. I think that will be made for NX. I hope they can focus on both.
With all the disappointing delays announced lately Nintendo needs to do this right. They have a tough job as its such a loved series by a huge range of people worldwide.
I definitely will try the new mobile game. I can see it having in-app purchases though and i am worried it will be another Miitomo clone that gets boring fast. Hopefully we will have more Animal Crossing news soon that pleases fans. We have had too many spin offs lately. A proper game please Nintendo.


Written By Victoria Thorley.

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