We are now in the final week of the Mythical Jirachi distribution, which means if you haven’t got your Jirachi yet, you have very little time left to do so. But if you have got yours already, it means brace yourself because next month is Darkrai!


Known as being one of the badass and sought after Pokémon, he is definitely one of the Mythical Pokémon we’ve been looking forwards to receiving and come May 1st to the 24th we will be able to get our hands on him. At Lv.100 he comes with the special ability: Bad Dreams and moves such as: Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Nightmare and Feint Attack. But should there be any you don’t like, you can easily teach him Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse or even Thunderbolt. You could even give him the item Life Orb or Choice Scarf to make him all the more ruthless.


As we mentioned before in our last article regarding the closing week of Celebi’s distribution, like Celebi and Jirachi, Darkrai is not available via the Nintendo Network and will require code, which you can receive as an a code or code card (depending on location.) If you don’t know which stores will be taking part in the Darkrai Distribution, be sure to check out our list below:


Distribution Points:

  • Australia: EB Games – From May 1st to May 24th
  • Austria: GameStop – From May 1st to May 24th
  • Belgium: GameMania and FNAC Stores – From May 1st to May 24th
  • Canada: EB Games – From May 1st to May 24th
  • Denmark: BR Stores – From May 12tt to July 31st
  • Finland: BR Stores – From May 12tt to July 31st
  • France: Micromania – May 2nd to May 24th
  • Germany: GameStop – May 2nd to May 24th
  • Italy: GameStop – May 1st to May 24th
  • Netherlands: GameMania – May 2nd to May 24th
  • New Zealand: EB Games – From May 1st to May 24th
  • Norway: BR Stores – From May 12tt to July 31st
  • Poland: Available from the magazine “CDAction”
  • Portugal: FNAC Stores – From May 1st to May 24th
  • Spain: GAME– From May 1st to May 24th
  • Sweden: BR Stores – From May 12tt to July 31st
  • Switzerland: GameStop – From May 2nd to May 24th
  • United States: GameStop – From May 1st to May 24th
  • United Kingdom: GAME– From May 1st to May 24th


The code will be redeemable until the 31st of August so although there isn’t a huge hurry to do it at your earliest convenience, it is still better to do it as soon as you can before you forget about it and then be kicking yourself for it later. As for the code itself, if you do succeed in getting one but being new to the series or just codes in general, below you can find our guide to getting your very own Darkrai. All you need is an internet connection, a code for Darkrai, your hand-held console and your copy of one of the ORAS or X & Y games:


How to Receive your Darkrai:

-First turn on your device, load up the game and access Mystery Gift.

Click “Receive Gift,” then “Get With Code.

-You will be asked: “You will be connected to the Internet. Would you like to continue?” Click “Yes” to confirm.

-You will be asked to input your 16 digit code. Enter it and hit end.

-You will be asked: “Receive this Gift?” Click “Yes.”

-You will see a box saying “Receiving your gift… Don’t turn off power.”

-Gift will then be received and the associated Wonder Card will be received.  The card thanks you for playing Pokémon and tells you that you can pick up your gift from the delivery girl at any Pokémon Centre.

-Lastly, go to a Pokémon Centre of your choice, and speak to the delivery girl. She will then give you your Darkrai. (Whoooo!)


Should you need further explanation, you could always use the link below for further instruction:



Just don’t get too used to this method of receiving your Darkrai because in June, during the Manaphy distribution, the water-type Pokémon is only available via the Nintendo Network, so instead of choosing “Get With Code,” be sure to choose “Get Via Internet” and it will be the same for Shaymin in July.

That aside, how have you been enjoying the distributions? Have you received your favourite Pokémon yet or are you still holding out for the later distributions? Be sure to let us know your unfiltered thoughts.


Source: Pokemon20.com

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