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Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

The other night was a great reminder for me as to why Nintendo does have an edge on their competitors and just how important being able to play with your friends and loved ones really is. I don’t see Call of Duty making players dive behind the backs of sofas with their heads popping out, looking like a deviant as they make their next gaming selection, but more on that latter.


Videogames have been out longer than I have been alive and multiplayer was pretty much the only way you could play growing up as a child, not that there wasn’t a solo play but when you and your siblings all want to cane your N64 for hours on end, multiplayer was the only option of everyone being able to grab a turn. Yes it is still around as an online function, but multiplayer, real multiplayer is when you are at home with company, laughing and joking, ducking and diving as you try to come out on top. There’s no dehumanising and calling others noob, and a whole manner of words meant to cut a person down. Well actually there is but not as much and it’s done in a funny way, but with all the games out right now, no games can do it quite like Super Smash Bros Wii U and Mario Party 10 can.


Let me be clear on this, I’m not really a fan of either, especially since Smash Wii U feels very lacking compared to Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii, but when there are four of you in a single room, playing away, only to get your butts whipped good and proper by your sister, who at that time is playing as Fire Emblem’s Robin and is quite literally hard to kill, you all join forces to take her down. Oh and if someone kills her before you can, you take them out just so you can avenge her. This is what it multiplayer is meant to be, what it once was and what it should continue to be, so it is truly great Nintendo have stuck to their guns on this, although I might just be saying that because I really enjoy playing as Charizard and flying all across the level, sending my enemies in space. But I’m only really good with him, provided he’s on straight ground, but there is a certain amount of times that you can allow yourself to get beaten Like A Boss by a Mii Fighter dressed like The Transporter before you then change to the one character you know will dominate, Ike.


There is just this magical thing about Smash, a side it brings out in people and it is a great game for getting people to sit down in a room and just play together, half the time you’re not even focusing on the fight, but too busy recounting previous Smash exploits and other stories, until someone sends you off the screen, then you’re back in the game with a vengeance, but even Smash isn’t the only party game that’s good for multiplayer, Mario Party 8 is as well and after a few hours of beating down on one another, we played that too. Unique to the latest version of the series is Bowser’s Party, a mode where five players can take to the game and four must work together to get to the end of the board while a Big Bad Bowser chases them down and hopes to reduces their hearts to nothing by besting them in a series of mini-games.


So naturally being Bowser is great fun, depending on the course you select, you can set traps, trick your opponents and should you have failed to defeat pesky plumber or Princess, or Yoshi, then at the end of the course, you can hide they star they seek by giving it out to either one of our two minions or Bowser Jr. and this is not a decision to take likely. Nor is it a decision to make when the window’s to your right and mirror behind you are revealing your very actions to the opposing team, so a quick dive behind the sofa sorts that out, with only a smiling evil face to laugh the classic “Mwahahaha” before it is now your opponents turn to guess just where you hid the star.


These are rare moments in gaming that a lot of people are missing out on and it is a great shame, because moments like this actually stick in your head and will cement themselves in as part of your ongoing friendships with siblings, lovers and friends. So put down your online play, say no to the abuse and get some good buddies round for a good old fashioned, beat the living daylights out of each other, Smash Party!

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!



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