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As far as weeks go, this week has been an exciting one Nintendo-wise, with announcement after announcement, we’re on hand to share some of the best and our personal favourite revelations to have unfolded this week.

Pokkén Tournament:

On Monday the 7th of December, Pokkén Tournament was ablaze with the new rumour that Sceptile would be coming to it as a new playable character and yesterday, the 10th of December, this rumour was confirmed to be true and just from what we’ve seen from the trailer, Sceptile is indeed badass.



Minecraft Wii U:

On the same day, a number of games were put under maintenance, but before any of that could happen, Nintendo of Europe beat Nintendo of America to the punch as the put out the news that Minecraft Wii U is indeed a reality and the game is coming to the eShop on the 17th of December, but for the sake of repetition, after having taking so long to grace Nintendo’s home console with its presence, has Minecraft arrived too late?



Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS (SMASH DIRECT):

Moving away from the 17th and heading to the 15th of December, a day bound to get us all sitting up straight and paying attention, because the final Smash Direct is happening and as well as talk of Cloud, we might just hear news of another character making his, or her way to us. Either way there’s only one thing we need to know, after this there will be no more dlc for Smash, no more additional content, so for one last time, we should prepare to mother-loving SMASH! But before the news breaks, the 14th will see a couple more of Nintendo’s titles undergoing another dose of maintenance, which includes both Smash and Super Mario Maker.

Smash Direct


Super Mario Maker:

They did it before and they have done it again, Mercedes and Nintendo worked side by side to deliver some new content to the madness that is Super Mario Maker. But to be clear on this, the new content is solely a new Event course and an unlockable costume of Mario driving around in a Merc, because you know, Plumbers can afford a Mercedes. There is no other content other than the two previously mentioned, a fact that needed to be cleared up as a number of blogs and sites that did report on the merger, used the words dlc and additional content, which usually means a lot more stuff and not just a singular level and costume, but it was a cool level and brilliantly thought out. Although now that all 110 mystery costume spaces are filled, Nintendo will need to put out another update if we are to receive any more and thankfully they announced they do aim to do just that, more updates with more content!



Hyrule Warriors Legends and Linkle:

All through-out the week, both Legends and Linkle have been making it into the headlines, the girl who looks a lot like Aryll, Link’s sister in Wind Waker, was intended to be his sister, but due to too much of a similarity to Aryll, the family connection was severed and now her story is being revealed to us more by more. What’s more is the dual crossbow wielding, aspiring hero, has found herself on the receiving end of appreciation, so much so, this might not be the last we see of her and I honestly hope it isn’t, her character seems like the one to look out for in Hyrule Warrior Legends. As for game news on the game itself, well recently we got to learn all about the new My Fairy system that will be in place, a system that will allow you to take a fairy into battle, train them, feed them and even dress them, and then of course there is the Great Sea Map for Adventure mode, which will include ten new item features such as:

-Wind Waker (Breaks down walls of wind to allow passage)

-Salvage Arm (Hoists up buried treasure and other rewards)

-Seachart (Helps you to discover new battles

-Cannon (Used to destroy the enemy forts, removing unfair rules/handicaps from the very start of the resulting battle)

-Hero’s Bow (Used to remove Cyclones, removing unfair rules/handicaps from the very start of the resulting battle)

-Boomerang (Defeats Large Octorok, removing any unfair rules/handicaps from the very start of the resulting battle)

-Hyio Pear (Allows use of Seagulls to find hidden treasure. Useful for gaining great rewards)

-Power Bracelets (Lifts up heavy boulders to clear the way to a new battle)

-Hammer (Used on switches to clear the way to a new battleHoists up buried treasure and other rewards)

-Deku Leaf (Deku Leaf – Can glide on the wind to hidden areas to discover new rewards)


Nintendo Badge Arcade:

Not major news, but it looks like the arcade is set to receive an update and is currently boasting a range of available Wind Waker stickers for those in North America, leaving us here in Europe to go without and hope 2016 will be out year to get all the good stickers, like the Zelda ones.



FAST Racing Neo:

Last tidbit of news, the release of FAST Racing Neo in the eShop. The second futuristic racing game in the series. It’s been four years since the first game came out, FAST Racing League release on WiiWare for the Nintendo Wii in 2015 and already it is off to a good start. Flying off the starting line, this game will have you soaring at speeds you didn’t think was possible, whatever skills you may have picked up from F-Zero you will sorely need if you are to do well here!



And talking of fast, this entire week has gone quickly indeed, leaving me with nothing to do but to wrap up this week’s edition of Nintendo’s Gaming News Weekly Round-up! What reveal had you the most excited? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!



By Jack Longman

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