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It was a normal beginning to a normal day, you wake up, you turn the 3DS on and you download the new content for Tri Force Heroes, so that when you come home from work, you sit down, and you go to work and I’ve got to say, the Den of Trials was not as I expected it.

I thought it would be the same as the other levels, broken up into stages and such, but no, it’s a single option in the overworld, which then takes you to an area in the Drablands where our good friend Mr “If you have Spotpass, maybe we can take a trip to the Drablands together” awaits you and the first highlighted Triforce awaits you to take you to the first of eight zones. Zones which are broken up by five stages, four of which you must fight your way through, with the fifth acting as a treasure room, where a trio of chests await, but you can only open one, as per usual.

Before you ask just how many zones there are, there are 8 in all, 40 stages, but only 32 of them have enemies and the very final battle, is against Shadow Links, three of them, who each have a power-up costume. Yes, a power up costume, which means their archer fires three arrows, their bomber likes to throw the big bones and make sure to avoid the massive fire balls. These guys just love to hurt you and they can really take a hit, so be warned the battle may drag out a bit, but they can be beaten and sending them over the edge is not an instant death for them. Luckily if you use the Boomeranger suit like I did in solo play, you can take them on and you can win, because winning is exactly what you want to do.

As promised there are two new suits, but just two new suits, and no new materials. Linebeck’s outfit is available from the get go, provided you have the right materials (Mystery Jade, Aqua Crown, Antique Coin, Stal Skull and a Carmine Pearl), and 3000 rupees, so thankfully I already had all that and as for the Fierce Deity Amour, you have to complete the Den of Trials, every single level has to be beaten. In short, if you want it, you have to earn it and out of the 40 stages. It’s only the last 15 where it starts to get difficult and should you die and use up your one fairy, yes just one because you are in the part of the Drablands that even the fairies are too afraid to be in, but should you fail, you can always start again from the zone you died in, there’s no need at all to start again from the very beginning, unless you actually want to.

Now as far as the gameplay mechanic we were promised goes, it’s literally the whole beat the “enemies to advance,” which we were told about and it’s nothing new, the Cave of Ordeals from Twilight Princess springs to mind, except the Den has a far better reward. As for the other things to be implemented, such as the Friendly tokens now able to be purchased from the street vendor, which is a great bonus, especially for all of those who have no one to local play with and are unable to get them the original intended way. Now it’s merely a case of parting with 2000 rupees every time you see it in stock, which means you will be mine in no time Tri Suit.

However my favourite thing about the whole update has to be the way everyone acts, they know of Linebeck and his legends, and when wearing Fierce Deity, the Great Tripini will make reference to the Deity and remark on how you look like a bad guy now. Well dlc or not does this mean the timeline is getting blurred again, as Majora’s Mask, Phantom Hourglass and Tri Force Heroes are all from different timelines, after the three way split of Ocarina of Time? Be interesting what Nintendo has to say about that.

But the update is worth it and if you haven’t yet, head to the eshop and get it now, how else will you get the chance to square off against three Shadow Links in the hopes of getting your hands on the legendary, but Fierce treasure the Den of Trials possesses. I have already came, saw and conquered, now it’s your turn.


Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!

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