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With Twilight Princess HD still making our tongues wag as we await official confirmation that the game is going to be a reality, it’s time we cast our eyes backwards to the 2006 Twilight Princess and discuss the Zelda theory that so many have missed, the theory of the other hero.

In every game, Link is the chosen Hero, the one fated to take up the sword and rise up against the evil forces that threatens Hyrule, but what if he wasn’t the only hero present? What if there just so happens to be a secondary Hero waiting in the sidelines, a plan b, just in case Link was to fail. In Twilight Princess there is indeed a possible secondary hero, and that hero went by the name of Colin. The young blonde haired boy from Ordon village, the same village that Link is from and son of the swordsman Rusl, a member of the resistance. Now interestingly enough, Colin actually bares a strong resemblance to Link and dresses similar to him to, which is mostly down to the fact that he does look up to Link, but the resemblance could be down to a family relation. In a Link to the Past, Link’s uncle was a swordsman, a father figure and mentor to Link and gets injured, which can also be said of Rusl and it is possible that although never admitted, Rusl could have been Link’s uncle, or cousin, which further explains why Colin looked at Link the way he did. To him, Link was his older brother.

Admittedly, in the beginning of the game, Colin does get picked up and is a timid young lad, but as the game goes on, events getting worse and the situation dire, he sees the troubles Link is facing and how he is rising up to the challenge before him and Colin starts to do the same, becoming braver, becoming a Hero in the making and it is because of the way he acted that I like to think that should Link have failed to defeat Ganondorf, then Colin would become the Hero who would. Had the resistance and Link have died, Colin would be distraught, he’d have lost his father and the guy he idolised and the world would have fallen to ruin. He and those who were lucky to be allowed to live, would spend the next decade in a Hyrule ruled by Ganondorf secretly wielding a blade he forged himself, awaiting the day that he would be strong enough to avenge his father, a day he and Ganondorf would be locked in battle and Master sword appear in his hands, for the new Hero has been chosen.

Whether this is or isn’t the case, it is nonetheless an interesting concept that does make you ponder who could the other secondary heroes be? Should it be true for Colin, it’s most likely it would be the same in all the other games and they have been there all this time and we never noticed. I’m going to leave you with that.

Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

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