With Super Mario Bros. Wonder available now on the Nintendo Switch, the time has come to embark on a wonderful 2D adventure. Mario is back with the extended gang, resulting in a playable roster of 12 characters and with eight worlds to conquer in the Flower Kingdom, we’re on hand to walk you guys through how to obtain every Wonder Seed and Flower Coin available.

To kick things off, we’re going to do a quick little walkthrough to explain the purples of Flower Coins, Wonder Flowers, Wonder Seeds and Secret Exits before diving right into the World 5: Fungi Mines stage, Beware of the Rifts:

What are Flower Coins?

Flower Coins are large purple coins that can be found on given stages. Some will be obviously visible when exploring through levels, but others can be hidden and require players to meet a certain requirement to revel them. On stages where Flower Coins are present, there are three to be found and all are required to count towards a level’s complete completion.

What are Wonder Flowers?

Wonder Flowers are an item players can encounter during a level, which once interacted with, unleashes a Wonder Effect that immediately impacts the current stage. Where there is a Wonder Flower, there is always a Wonder Flower waiting to be discovered.

What are Wonder Seeds?

Wonder Seeds are the main collectable this time around, with Mario and friends needing to collect them in order to advance through the game. One Wonder Seed will always be given to the player upon completing a stage, but a second one can be obtained by activating the Wonder Flower and traversing the Wonder Effect to collect the Wonder Seed.

On some levels, it is possible there is a third Wonder Seed available, but in order to acquire it, players will need to discover the Secret Exit in order to obtain it. Wonder Seeds can also be purchased for 100 Purple Coins at Poplin Shops and through completing Challenge levels.

What are Secret Exits?

Not present on every level, Secret Exits are a secondary exit players can discover by taking a different route and encountering a second Flagpole at the end of the level. Jumping on the Flagpole will end the current level and reward players with a new Wonder Seed.

Every Beware of the Rifts Wonder Seed & Flower Coin:

Flower Coins: 3 | Wonder Seeds: 2

  • Flower Coin #1: Almost from the outset of the stage, you’ll come across flower buds that will create blocks, continue to hit all of them to get the first Flower Coin to appear.
  • Flower Coin #2: Holding a Koopa Troopa shell after the red pipes, you’ll see a Question Mark block hiding behind a rift. Strike it with the shell to create a vine taking you upwards. In the new screen, hit the invisible block between the two bricks to reveal the Flower Coin.
  • Flower Coin #3: Once you have got the second Flower Coin, you will come across two blocks you can hit. Doing so will make red pipes appear. If done correctly, you will get two red pipes touching each other and need only to stand on the second one to get the Flower Coin that drops onto it. If the pipe didn’t appear, you will need to move quickly to get the Flower Coin.
  • Wonder Flower / Wonder Seed #1: During a section after the checkpoint flag, there will be singular block hiding behind a rift. Strike it to reveal the Wonder Seed. With the Wonder Effect in action, you will be pursued by a ghost/rift version of your character and ghost/rift versions of enemies as you need to collect five Wonder Tokens for the Wonder Seed to appear.
  • Wonder Seed #2: Reach the end of the stage and climb onto the Flagpole.
  • Secret Exit / Wonder Seed #3: If you continued to ride the Bulrush stampede after activating the Wonder Flower, you can get the third Wonder Seed by following the clouds and leaping on to the very, very tall Flagpole at the end of the level.

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

By Jack Longman

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