*The Following Guide is a Work in Progress with more Stables & Rewards being added to it:

With The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally out in the wild, once more players can lose themselves in an expansive Hyrule, be it underground, on the surface or in the sky. As part of our efforts to provide helpful guides to help players get the most out of the new adventure.

In this focused guide we are covering all stables locations and Pony Points rewards:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | All Stables Locations:

  • Duelling Peaks Stable (West Necluda) | 1764, -1926, 0010
  • East Akkala Stable (Deep Akkala Necluda) | 4226, 2744, 0126
  • Foothill Stable (Eldin Canyon) | 2608, 1142, 0148
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable (Gerudo Highlands) | -2795, -2239, 0029
  • Hateno Pasture (East Necluda) 3617, -2093, 0177
  • Highland Stable (Faron Grasslands) | 0526, -3453, 0047
  • Lakeside Stable (West Necluda) | 1548, -3532, 0061
  • Lookout Landing Mini Stable
  • Mini Stable (Gerudo Highlands) | -1691, -1661, 0020
  • Mini Stable (Hyrule Field) | -0249, 0051, 0019
  • New Serenne Stable (Hyrule Field) | -1360, 0638, 0085
  • Outskirt Stable (Hyrule Field) | -1466, -1264, 0032
  • Riverside Stable (Hyrule Field) | 0334, -1094, 0010
  • South Akkala Stable (Deep Akkala Necluda) | 4228, 2743, 0126
  • Snowfield Stable (Hebra Mountains) | -1638, 2568, 0233
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable (Hyrule Ridge) | 2930, 0550, 0169
  • Wetland Stable (Lanayru Wetlands) | 0891, -0171, 0026
  • Woodland Stable (Eldin Canyon) | 1059, 1139, 0022

How to Get the Pony Points Card:

In order to become a member and get their Pony Points Card, players need only to visit any stable and speak to the staff working behind the counter. Once you have your Pony Points Card, players can now start using the stables to register new horses, access any of the horses you had registered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and sleep in one of the available beds, for a price.

How to Get Pony Points:

While there are a few stables related quests that can help players earn Pony Points, the two main ways of obtaining them are by using the services of the stables. Every time you register a new horse, players can obtain one Pony Point. Of course, other than the first time you register the horse, the fee for said act is 20 rupees each time.

As for the second main method, every time you wish to let Link have a rest, you can either pay 20 rupees for a normal bed or 50 rupees for the Malanya bed. With the latter, players will have the horse God, Malanya speak to them, pointing them in the direction of a large white stallion, but when Link wakes up, he will be well rested, resulting in three additional hearts and a new stamina wheel, which is only a temporary addition.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter which bed you use when it comes to Pony Points, however, as either service will only result in you getting one additional point. Lastly, one more method for obtaining Pony Points, is by discovering new stables and using their services. Doing so also nets you one point for each new stable you find, but keep in mind, this method of obtaining points is finite as it does have an end and players will need a total of 60 points to collect every reward going.

What are Pony Points for?:

With the Pony Points players earn, you can use them to collect a series of rewards that increases the number of horses you can register at the stables collectively, obtain new saddles and bridles and more. For the full breakdown of rewards, see the next section below.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | All Pony Points Rewards:

  • Points: 3 | Reward: Towing Harness
  • Points: 5 | Reward: Horse God Fabric
  • Points: 7 | Reward: Malanya Bed (Players can now use the Malanya Bed when lodging at Stables, but must pay 50 Rupees each time.)
  • Points: 10 | Reward: Registered Horse Capacity +1 (7)
  • Points: 13 | Reward: Traveler’s Saddle and Traveler’s Bridle
  • Points: 16 | Reward: Mane Restyling Service
  • Points: 20 | Reward: Registered Horse Capacity +1 (8)
  • Points: 23 | Reward: Knight’s Saddle and Knight’s Bridle
  • Points: 26 | Reward: Extravagant Saddle and Extravagant Bridle
  • Points: 30 | Reward: Registered Horse Capacity +1 (9)
  • Points: 35 | Reward: Registered Horse Capacity +1 (10)
  • Points: 40 | Reward: 50% discount on registering new horses and lodgings
  • Points: 45 |Reward: Sleepover Tickets x5
  • Points: 50 | Reward: Endura Carrots x3
  • Points: 55 | Reward: Sleepover Tickets x5
  • Points: 60 | Reward: Endura Carrots x3

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

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