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In this explanatory review, we’re covering Little Witch Nobeta by joint developers Simon Creative and Pupuya Games:

Little Witch Nobeta (The Explanation)

If you ever wished for a Dark Souls-like experience that wasn’t as dark and starred an anime styled heroine, then the developers over at Simon Creative and Pupuya Games, have a game for you. Sharing its title with its titular protagonist, Nobeta, Little Witch Nobeta is delightful a third-person shooter that is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

Having previously released on Switch back in September 2022 for its Japanese release, Little Witch Nobeta has finally made its way to the west, allowing the rest of the world the chance to explore a mysterious castle. Taking control of Nobeta, a witch with no memory, for reasons unknown to her, she is drawn to this castle and would do anything to uncover its secrets in her efforts to reach the throne room.

With the castle home to many horrors, both frightening and menacing, there are many enemies all too eager to do Nobeta harm. Still, at least she won’t be alone in her journey as an equally mysterious black cat is on hand to guide Nobeta into the many dark corners of the castle and do battle against the other anime styled female characters they meet.

In terms of depth, Little Witch Nobeta handles this cateory rather well. So well in fact that you shouldn’t let the charming character designs to fall you for every collectible item there is in-game, there is some in-game text associated with each one, with some entries really expanding on the world and lore of Little Witch Nobeta, including tidbits on how dark and morbid the past of this world once was. Then, of course, there is that ending, which in itself, is not discussed enough about online and will not be discussed here either due to spoilers.

When it comes to the game’s gameplay, being the 3D shooter that it is, as a game all about a little witch named Nobeta, it replaces guns with magic, allowing Nobeta to wield a staff for her melee attacks and arcane magic for her magical attacks. Players can lock onto enemies to ensure their attacks don’t miss, but for those who like to do all of the aiming for themselves, you can.

Nobeta can even learn different kinds of magic, which includes air for double jumping and ice magic that when charged, allows her to target multiple targets and run through fire unharmed. Because of how versatile her magical abilities can be, the more you unlock, the more she becomes capable of, so it does help to take down as many enemies as you can, for all the Crafted Souls you collect can then be spent at prayer stations to increase Nobeta’s abilities.

Additionally, Nobeta’s magic is not just useful against enemies and large bossess, but despite the third-person shooter and action aspects of the game, there’s even a fair number of puzzles to be solved, which magic can help you out with. Sometimes puzzle solving allows you to advance further through the game’s story, but other times it allows you to access a treasure chest, which houses a useful item or opens up a shortcut that will prove useful later on in the game.

With all said and done, don’t let the graphics fool you. Little Witch Nobeta might look all light and fluffy on the service, but in reality, it is a soulslike experience with a gameplay system that rewards you the more you play. Plus, in the event you did miss out on any of the game’s many collectibles, you could always attempt a second playthrough and discover secrets that you missed out on during the previous run, whilst making the most out of the game’s DLC costumes.

Little Witch Nobeta (The Gameplay)

Game Specifications:

Developers: Simon Creative, Pupuya Games
Publisher: Idea Factory
Platform: Nintendo Switch | Version: Digital
Category: Action
No. of Players: 1 (Single System)
Release Date: EU & NA: March 7, 2023
File Size: 2.3 GB
Nintendo.com Listing

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