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December has arrived and along with it, comes another month packed with new, exciting and very engaging titles, all playable on the Nintendo Switch. So, once again, please join us as we highlight 16 upcoming games that are all releasing this December. Having already covered the likes of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES, Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent, Wavetale and CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION, it’s time for our next four picks:


[Guide] 16 Upcoming Games for Nintendo Switch in December: (Part 4)

Lil Gator Game (December 14, 2022)

Publisher: Playtonic Friends

Genre: Adventure, Platformer

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 252 MB

Price: $19.99


  • The island is your playground – There’s a buddy atop every hill in this open-world, movement-focused adventure and they all seem to need help! Bop cardboard baddies, brave serene hills and forests, and scale sheer rocks that only a kid would dare!
  • Joyful Exploration – Explore a lovingly crafted island full to the brim with areas to discover, friends to make and joy to be had. Each area of the island brings unique quests and characters to meet. Glide through the mountain tops and drop in on the Theatre Troupe kids, swing your stick sword through the forest with the Prep schoolers or find the ‘Cool Kids’ down in the Creaklands. With plenty more areas to discover, there’s no knowing who you might run into!
  • Make Friends – The world is big when you’re a lil gator… Good thing it’s also full of friends! Make new friends and invite them to play in the island’s playground. Each new friend you make will add to your adventure, but making new friends isn’t always easy, You might have to complete a quest or two!
  • Crafty Customization – Collect arts & crafts supplies all over the island! Use them to make yourself all kinds of goodies and bring the playground to life! Craft new abilities – use your ragdoll teddy to ragdoll lil gator from mountaintop to the valleys below! Skim pebbles into hard-to-reach cardboard baddies!
  • Bop Baddies – A no-pressure adventure game! Lil Gator game focuses on adventure and play, don’t let a health bar hold you back from reaching your goal!

Cassiodora (December 15, 2022)

Publisher: Plug In Digital

Genre: Action, Party, Arcade

No. of Players: 1 – 3 (Single System)

File Size: 1.5 GB

Price: $16.99


Princess Cassiodora has been kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Kenzar. To save her the chosen knights Agni, Colden and Luken must face a vast army of witches, ghosts, and demons across the Kingdom of Astoria. To accomplish this feat, the druid Faramix grants Agni, Colden and Luken magic wings and elemental powers to help them on their quest. Play with your friends or solo and shoot your way through this colorful shoot ’em up. Earn new items, customize your character, challenge yourself and face huge bosses.

  • Story mode – Play solo or with up-to 2 of your friends on the same screen and explore 7 regions through 35 handcrafted levels each one with their own setting, challenges, special rewards and unique items.
  • Enjoyable for all – Choose between different levels of difficulty ranging from Easy to Hard or define your own experience. Want to be invincible or be revived when you die? That’s done!
  • Replayability – From the leader to the oldest and youngest knights enjoy 3 different characters, each with their own personality, abilities, moves and unique unlockable items.
  • Elemental powers – Enemies and environmental puzzles like gates or roots will only react to certain elemental skills. Switch between 3 elemental powers or ask your friends to help you!
  • Fully customizable characters – Unlock new skins for each character with over 50 cosmetics items to personalize your knight.
  • Awesome boss battles – Face epic, huge bosses that compel you to find unique ways to defeat them. Fly away and slay these bosses to continue your quest!

Pixel Cup Soccer – Ultimate Edition (December 26, 2022)

Publisher: Batovi Games

Genre: Sports, Arcade, Multiplayer, Party

No. of Players: 1 – 8 (Single System)

File Size: 501 MB

Price: $16.99


With fast-paced gameplay, Pixel Cup Soccer is just the fun part of soccer!

Play it alone or locally with up to 8 friends, you can choose whether to play competitively, cooperatively, or even both!

It features great pixel art and soundtracks that evoke nostalgia of the glory days of the 80s and 90s arcade games.

Move, pass, and shoot the ball to victory! You will learn to play in one minute, but it takes much longer to master it.

The simple controls enable a rich set of features such as charging and aiming your shots, directing your corner kicks and throw-ins, shooting lobs, slide tackles, and more.



  • Play Modes:
    • Friendly Match
    • Competitions
    • Career Mode
    • Party Mode
    • Penalty Kicks
  • Features:
    • Simplified controls for casual players.
    • Simple to pick up and enjoy, with clean and challenging gameplay.
    • Retro-style art resembling old games and evoking nostalgia.
    • Women’s Soccer.
    • Penalties, Free Kicks.
    • Fouls with injured players, yellow and red cards.
  • Career Mode:
    • Build your own team from the ground up. Climb to the top.
    • Play leagues D, C, B, A, Country Cup, International Cup and become the Champion in the Club Global Cup!
    • The Board of Directors of the club has put you in charge of the important decisions of the Club! You will be the General Manager and Coach of the club.
    • The teams can be fully customized (name, players, shirt colors, club flag, etc.)
  • Competitions:
    • Global Cup and Women’s Global Cup
    • American Cup and European Cup
    • Global Cup 1930 (evoking the first international cup)
    • OlymPixel Cup (men and women)
    • Pixel League D, C, B, A, and Tournament
  • Tactical panel, to manage substitute changes, team formation, and attitude.
  • Deep gameplay mechanics: short pass, long pass, etc., aiming when shooting, controlled shot or lobs, player skills.
  • Lots of Animations (overhead kick, scorpion kick, scissors kick, diving header, etc.)
  • Challenging AI. Teams with very different game-playing styles (ie: Catenaccio like Italy or Tiki-Taka like Brasil).
  • Many game settings, including Zoom Level, Slow motion, Assisted mode, etc

Xanchuchamel (December 27, 2022)

Publisher: Narubane

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

No. of Players: 1 (Single System)

File Size: 617 MB

Price: $5.99


Xanchuchamel is a puzzle-platformer where you will need skill but also intelligence to overcome each challenge. Xan can catch blocks and place them in different places to access new areas. 50 levels are waiting for you!

Xanchuchamel is an old-fashioned puzzle-platformer, like those games from the 90’s where the important thing was just to have fun. In Xanchuchamel you will need skill on the platforms, it’s true, but before that you will have to place them in the right positions.

The game mechanics are simple. Xan (the round protagonist) is able not only to move and jump, but he can also catch the special blocks that are within his reach. After that, that block can be placed in another position so that you can jump on it and move forward.

But that’s just the beginning. Some special blocks can become a moving platform when injected with one of three movement powers: horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Xan can obtain these powers either from another block that is already moving, or from a power source.

And wait, because there is still more. In addition to the movement blocks, Xan can use other different special blocks. Each of them has different characteristics, so you will have to use all your neurons to use them successfully.

Xanchuchamel is designed for everyone to play at their own pace. If you prefer to worry only about completing the levels, you can do it. Even if you get stuck in one of the difficult ones (and there are some), you can skip it and continue advancing in the game. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who want a bit more of a challenge, you can try to finish each level with the highest score, the Cup with Horns. To do this you will need to reach the end of the level before the clock runs down below 100%. And not only that. If you want to get the perfect level you will also need to find the three medallions that are hidden in each stage.

Xanchuchamel consists of 5 different worlds, each of which contains 10 levels. At the beginning, you will only be able to play in the first world, as the rest will be locked. But in Xanchuchamel the way to unlock levels is the same as always: playing. At the end of each level you will find a Orb of Power. As you get more and more, new worlds and new levels will be unlocked.

In addition to the Orbs of Power in each level, there are more of them hidden in the game. But getting them will not be easy. First you will have to find one of the Bonus medallions hidden (and very hidden) in some of the levels of the game. And finding one of these medallions is only the first step: by touching one, Xan will have to overcome a challenge against time to be able to get the Orb.

All details regarding the games above were true at the time we sourced them directly from Nintendo’s own website. If there are any changes between now and each game’s eventual release, we apologize in advance and we hope you have enjoyed the selected titles so far. For even more games, we hope you come back next month when we do the same again in January.

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