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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 doesn’t just mark the latest installment in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, but is also the latest Nintendo game to make the most out of amiibo. In this guide we will show you how to use amiibo and what amiibo bonuses they can unlock in-game.

Whilst the biggest amiibo bonus one can get is using the Shulk amiibo to unlock a weapon skin for swordfighters, thus turning their weapon into Shulk’s monado, but offering no stat changes, amiibo can also be used to obtain an assortment of items. Of course, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 does have support for every other amiibo as well.

The items can differ greatly as the collectible set you obtain when using amiibo is random and amiibo can only be used three times a day. For a quick how-to on using amiibo in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, please watch the following video:

While this guide is currently a work in progress, we are currently in the process of compiling a complete list of all known amiibo bonuses and our findings so far, can be seen below:

Special amiibo Bonus Reward: (Shulk amiibo)

Unlocks the monado as a Special Weapon which can be equipped as a skin by swordfighters.

Collectibles Set 01: (Any amiibo)

  • Glitter Radish x2
  • Comet Carrot x2
  • Bunnit Meat x1

Collectibles Set 02: (Any amiibo)

  • Glitter Raddish x2
  • Comet Carrot x2
  • Bunnit Meat x1
  • Miso x1

Collectibles Set 03: (Any amiibo)

  • Tasty Sausage x2
  • Powered Wheat x3
  • Kaleidoscelery x2
  • Misty Asparagus x1

Collectibles Set 04: (Any amiibo)

  • Garaffa Tenderloin x2
  • Powered Wheat x3
  • Salty Cabbage x1
  • Smalnut x1
  • Quinini x1

Collectibles Set 05: (Any amiibo)

  • Cured Armu Sirloin x1
  • Scarlet Lychee x1
  • Razzle Basil x2
  • Elgant Pummelo x1
  • Skeeter Honey x3

Collectibles Set 06: (Any amiibo)

  • Milky Soy x1
  • Prickle Spice x4
  • Cracker Nut x1
  • Crimson Moonbloom x3
  • Fire Apricot x2

Collectibles Set 08: (Any amiibo)

  • Refreshing Piranhax Meat x2
  • Silverseed x2
  • Clusterelle x2
  • Plate Pothos x1
  • Condimenut x2

Collectibles Set 10: (Any amiibo)

  • Cured Armu Steak x2
  • Muscat Noir x2
  • Million-Leaf Dill x3
  • Armoured Chestnut x1
  • Minionion x2

Collectibles Set 11: (Any amiibo)

  • Refreshing Piranhax Meat x2
  • Whisper Tomato x1
  • Bizarrenacle x3
  • Ring Guava x1
  • Metamorphosage x2

Collectible Set 12: (Any amiibo)

  • Tafetta Lobster x2
  • Varicini x3
  • Dream Lemon x3
  • Gimme Lettuce x2
  • Girder Potato x2

Collectibles Set 13: (Any amiibo)

  • Fatty Serprond Fillet x3
  • Rainbow Boronia x2
  • Babybubble Berry x3
  • Neo Walnut x2
  • Squeezy Lime x2

Collectibles Set 14: (Any amiibo)

  • Thick Moramora Fin x1
  • Sundial Flower x1
  • Ingot Carrot x2
  • Relief Bean x3
  • Wand Burdock x1

Collectibles Set 15: (Any amiibo)

  • Noise Bite x3
  • Skyclam x2
  • Fluffy Cloud Ear x3
  • Knockout Wasabi x1
  • Egg Seed x2

Collectibles Set 16: (Any amiibo)

  • Glowing Gyaark Fin x2
  • Fatty Serprond Fillet x2
  • Quality Serprond Fillet x1
  • Dish Philodendron x1
  • Galaxy Swirl x3

Collectibles Set 17: (Any amiibo)

  • Smushi Rice x3
  • Glitter Raddish x2
  • Refreshing Piranhax Meat x1
  • Soyprimo Sauce x2

Collectibles Set 18: (Any amiibo)

  • Mottlemarble Aries Meat x1
  • Lucky Marrin Thickcuts x1
  • Cozy Rhogul Eggems x1
  • Killjoy Crustip Meat x1

Collectibles Set 19: (Any amiibo)

  • Jade Lobster x1
  • Potatwo x3
  • Amethyst Melon x1
  • White Melonball x3

amiibo Bonus: (Random Bonus with any amiibo)

  • Bonus EXP (100 EXP)
  • Bonus EXP (500 EXP)
  • Bonus EXP (700 EXP)
  • Class Points (100 CP)
  • Class Points (300 CP)
  • Class Points (400 CP)
  • Class Points (500 CP)
  • Class Succession Points (100)
  • Class Succession Points (300)
  • Class Succession Points (600)
  • Class Succession Points (800)
  • Nopon Coin (Silver) x1
  • Nopon Coin (Silver) x3
  • Nopon Coin (Silver) x4
  • Nopon Coin (Silver) x10

More details will be added to this guide as soon as we have them, but in the meantime, we hope you found this guide helpful.

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