Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit may not have the same popularity as the super successful Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but with a little creativity, players can really make some truly incredible circuits to race around. One such MK Live player is Thomas Mutch of Mutch Games. He is a YouTuber who alongside doing long-lasting of numerous games, he also creates some truly astounding race circuits for Mario Kart Live.

His previous circuits include the likes of Rainbow Road (SNES) with rainbow-colored lighted flooring, Baby Park with moving carousel, and Toad’s Turnpike (you can see the whole playlist on Mutch’s Circuits here). His latest circuit and his most ambitious project yet is Banjo-Kazooie’s Spiral Mountain. The project took well over a year to put together and come into fruition and it is such a joy to see it fully come to life.

The track itself from Grunty’s lair and Spiral Mountain down to the small details like Topper and Colliwobble, the Jinjos, Bottles and many other Characters is beyond incredible that you will wish it was commercially available so you could set it up in your own home. Mutch’s ingenuity and engineering background also implemented a crazy feature in the form of a “working” hang glider that opens itself when it comes into contact with the glider platform.

Of course, hear I am nattering about the circuit but what you are really here for is to see the Banjo’s Rare’n’Racecourse in action. So I am going to shut up now and you can enjoy a video of the racing circuit in the embedded video below.

So, what do you think? Did you spot all the Jinjos hiding around the circuit? What about other familiar characters from Diddy Kong Racing? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

And to Thomas Mutch, if you are reading this, we wish to congratulate you on your hard work and dedication to this project and the many others you have done before. May you continue to astound us all with your technological prowess and forever seek new heights in innovation. We take our hats off to you sir.

Source: MutchGames (YouTube)

By Mike Scorpio

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  1. Absolutely! It was such an incredible course and you deserve all the praise for making it happen. Your hard work was not for naught and we hope you will continue make even bigger and better circuits!

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