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With plenty of Nintendo related news this month, it’s easy for the smaller news to get completely brushed to one side, but earlier this, Nintendo added another three games to the Nintendo Switch Online library of titles. One is a NES title, in the form of Pinball, whereas the other two are both SNES games, with Congo’s Caper being one of them and Rival Turf being the other.

Details on the newly added games can be found below, along with a new trailer:

Pinball: (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Released: 1985

Number of Players: 2

Hit targets and rack up points in this classic pinball game!

Featuring a bonus mode starring Nintendo’s legendary character, Mario, you control our hero as he holds a platform and uses it to keep the ball in the air. Your goal is to save Pauline. If she falls and hits the ground, you lose a ball—but if you save her and lead her to the exit, you’ll get to a nice surprise.

This game is fun and easy to learn, and includes bonus balls for high scores—and even a two-player mode. This is a game both pinball fans and novices alike can enjoy!

Rival Turf: (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Released: 1992

Number of Players: 2

Big Al and the Street Kings think they can take over the streets for themselves. Punch, kick, and slam your way through 6 stages of rough-and-tough action, solo or with a friend! Or go against a friend and see who really owns the turf.

Jack Flak and Oozie Nelson bring their brawling skills to the street against Big Al and his gang of miscreants, otherwise known as the Street Kings. Test out a myriad of street-fighting techniques against waves of enemies as a lone hero, or bring a sidekick! You can also turn on Angry Mode. Then, when you get hurt, you get angry—and that’s when your enemies should keep their distance. You’ll ignore damage and hit even harder than usual! And if that’s not enough, you can even battle against a friend or rival in Vs mode to see whose turf is whose.

Congo’s Caper: (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Released: 1993

Number of Players: 2

A club and a little courage are all Congo needs!

In this action game, released in 1993 for the Super NES console, you catch up with Congo as some demon-kid swoops in out of nowhere and kidnaps Congette. As Congo, you set out to rescue her and set things right. Luckily, a superkid like Congo knows how to jump, attack, and can perform all sorts of jump-attack combos. And once Congo collects three magi rubies, he turns into Super Congo! As Super Congo, he can jump even higher—and hover by jumping repeatedly in midair.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

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