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Time to hit you with yet another M64 Retrospective and this time we’re hitting you with something old and new. As a site that was founded just mere weeks before the release of Splatoon on the Nintendo Wii U, our site has had the privilege to grow alongside such an impressive IP. It’s been an absolute pleasure and the Splatoon games have always been something of a guilty pleasure for us.

With the upcoming release of Splatoon 3arriving on September 9, 2022, we have recently taken the liberty of scrolling through various Nintendo Europe, Nintendo America and SplatoonNA tweets, going through all the details provided and now taking this moment to compile them all in a singular piece, but broken up into their relevant chapters, such as weapons, gameplay and more. Without further ado, let’s take a tour of the Splatlands shall we:


Inklings, Octolings & the Story of the Splatlands:

Inkling Warfare:

Interested in Splatoon 3 but new to the world of Inklings and Octolings? We’ll explain some basics in this thread!

  • Use your abilities as a squid to get a leg/tentacle up on the opposing team!
  • Move faster than a humanoid by swimming through your ink
  • Reload your weapon while submerged in your ink
  • Hide/ambush opponents by diving into your ink
  • Quickly swim up walls and get a height advantage

When Inklings and Octolings are competing they use a wide selection of ink-based weapons. These designs might seem unusual, but whether it’s a Splattershot, a Slosher, a Brella, or something else, they’re up to the task of delivering the ink!

Return of the Mammalians:

The theme of the Splatoon 3 story mode appears to be “Return of the Mammalians.” Wha?! As far as we know, mammals have disappeared from the surface of the planet (minus a couple cool cats, of course). What does it mean for these Inklings?

This Splatsville youth and trusty little Smallfry buddy are scrap hunters who search for junk gems by day and splat it up in Turf Wars on the side. It seems this Inkling met the New Squidbeak Splatoon and is now their new Agent 3 in the continued fight against the evil Octarians!

This is the Hero Suit worn by the new Agent 3. It’s flexible enough to bust sweet moves in, yet it can withstand the harsh conditions in the Splatlands. Little buddy even fits in the pack! We noticed two styles in the video. Perhaps they’re each suited to different situations?

This is a soldier in the evil Octarian Army that is planning an invasion of the squid world. That said, this one isn’t like those we’ve observed before… It appears to be growing furry hair! Why would a marine creature grow stuff like this? We must investigate further!

This intriguing structure appeared at the end of the video. It’s quite different from what we’ve seen of the Splatlands so far. All we know is that it’s located somewhere within “Alterna,” where this story mode takes place. Its purpose remains unknown, for now…

This mysterious substance found in Alterna is called Fuzzy Ink. It pulsates like a life-form, but it doesn’t actually seem to be a living creature. It appears to be partially covered with brown furry stuff, leading us to suspect some kind of connection with that hairy Octarian…

We have learned a terrible truth. If an Inkling comes into contact with Fuzzy Ooze, some manner of brown hairy fur-like substance grows all over their body, and they lose their sense of self. In this state, they’re unable to do much but hopelessly roll around…

In less terrifying news, we’ve learned that Smallfry aren’t affected by Fuzzy Ooze. In fact, they can eat it and clean it up! Seems like these little buddies might just be the key to solving the mysteries of Alterna.

Apparently Smallfry will bite at Octarians to attack them, activate helpful contraptions, and assist Inklings in various other ways. They may be small, but they’re seeming more and more like a brave and reliable sidekick!

This is the New Squidbeak Splatoon who work together undercover to defeat the evil Octarian Army. On the left is Agent 1, on the right is Agent 2, and in the middle is their captain. Their true identities are a secret, and they’ll do whatever it takes to support the new Agent 3.

Psst… Just between us, when Agents 1 and 2 aren’t saving the squid world, they’re Callie and Marie of the ever-popular musical group, the Squid Sisters! Take a look at one of their fresh live concerts here:

This elderly Inkling is Craig Cuttlefish. He was once captain of the Squidbeak Splatoon and is a true hero of his day. He recently retired from active duty and passed on his captain’s hat to a brave new leader. No slouch, he’s still patrolling the squid world though. What a guy!


Splatlands’ Stunning Scenery:

Eeltail Alley:

An old neighborhood in the center of Splatsville, it’s become a popular hangout for the town’s young folk. With a walkway spanning up and over the area, this is surely a dynamic location for Turf War battles!

Museum d’Alfonsino:

This stage below is the Museum d’Alfonsino from the Inkopolis area. It seems a sophisticated transportation network makes it possible to join Turf Wars there. It’s a large museum with lots of exhibitions, including ones currently featuring indigenous artifacts and modern art.

Scorch Gorge:

We hear the strange rocks that rise up like chimneys were once undersea hydrothermal vents that now appear on land due to changes in the planet’s surface. This area is also designated as a national park and quite popular.


Character Specifics:

Octarians with Hair:

Octarians now seem to be sporting magnificent manes of hair. But don’t let those good locks fool you – warm ‘n’ fuzzy Octotroopers are still deadly!

Frivolous Fashion:

Far from being frivolous, fashion is a key aspect of Inkling and Octoling strategy in Splatoon 3. It seems the only rule for fashion in the Splatlands is that there are no rules!

Hail to the King:

Squid Research Lab is excited and more than a little scared to reveal the existence of a King Salmonid. This unfathomably terrifying creature can be scientifically described as “ginormous.” We hope to release more details soon.

C-Side: (Music Act)

C-Side is a grungy, rebellious trio that reps hard for the Splatlands. Growing up without formal musical training hasn’t caused them to miss a beat, and they’ve risen to the surface on their ambition and attitude alone.


Lock & Load: (Enter the Armoury)

Everyone is Here:

CONFIRMED: All the basic weapons from previous games will be returning for Splatoon 3! When Inklings and Octolings are competing they use a wide selection of ink-based weapons. These designs might seem unusual, but whether it’s a Splattershot, a Slosher, a Brella, or something else, they’re up to the task of delivering the ink!

Splat Charger: (Charger)

A balanced weapon with good range and medium charge time. Our game-theory experts say that if you can attain the high ground with one of these, you’re “going to go all splat-a-tat-tat on the other team.” Is game theory science? We’re no longer sure.

Classic Squiffer: (Charger)

It’s a lightweight charger that charges so quickly we hesitate to even call it a charger! (But to be technically correct, we will continue to do so.) It doesn’t have great range, but rewards a dynamic play style with plenty of stop-and-pop action.

E-liter 4k: (Charger)

This is the granddaddy of the chargers—a weapon with massive range that takes a long time to charge and consumes tremendous amounts of ink. It’s not for everyone, but in the right hands, it can be devastating.

Splattershot: (Shooter)

Although some see this as an entry-level shooter, you’ll often find advanced players taking advantage of its capabilities. And the latest Splatsville iteration features a new frame that offers added resiliency and ease of maintenance.

Splattershot Jr.: (Shooter)

Far from a child’s toy, this shooter rations ink like my grandparents ration stale candies! In other words, it may not be the strongest or most accurate weapon, but you can mash that ZR like you’re mashing potatoes. Huh. I must be hungry.

.96 Gal: (Shooter)

Snack acquired! Onward with science! This beauty is the .96 Gal—a high-impact, long-range weapon that packs a major punch. The ink tank has been modified to Splatlands specifications, and the barrel is sourced from a water-purification device. Talk about a clean shot!


Stringers can fire ink horizontally or vertically depending on whether they are fired while standing or jumping. This is the Tri-Stringer, which can fire in three directions simultaneously and unleash charged shots that briefly freeze before exploding.

Triple Inkstrike:

We’ve identified another new weapon—the formidable Ink Vac! This special device is equipped with a massive nozzle capable of inhaling the ink from an enemy’s attack and sending it back via a powerful counterattack.

We didn’t want you to wait too long. Observe how a user can group ink strikes closely…or space them out strategically. Truly, this is a weapon that rewards the flexible and calculating user. Apologies for our earlier “boom”—we do get excited here at the Squid Research Lab.

Ink Vac:

We’ve identified another new weapon—the formidable Ink Vac! This special device is equipped with a massive nozzle capable of inhaling the ink from an enemy’s attack and sending it back via a powerful counterattack.

Witness this rare footage of the Ink Vac in action. The more attacks it inhales, the more powerful the Ink Vac becomes. This is the sort of weapon that could provide security for an entire squad! Rest assured that our excitement is tempered by academic rigor.

Angle Shooter:

The Angle Shooter launches a perfectly straight line far into the distance and will reflect off any surfaces it encounters. It’s more exciting than it sounds—trust us!

Imagine bouncing an Angle Shooter off the walls of a narrow corridor, pinning down a rival. If they touch the line, they take damage…so while they hesitate, you pounce with your heavy main weapon and ink ’em up good! Take that, Gary! I mean…if your rival’s name is Gary.

Crab Tank: (Special Weapon)

When piloting this multilegged vehicle, you can attack with a powerful rapid-fire gun and a cannon with a wide blast area. You can also turn into a ball to move around faster than crab walking.

Big Bubbler: (Special Weapon)

This is the Big Bubbler. It’s a modified version of a special weapon popular in Inkopolis. By making it fixed, the size has been greatly increased! It seems Inklings in the Splatlands think bigger is better. Well, this certainly does look useful for protecting one’s allies!

Zipcaster: (Special Weapon)

This special weapon turns an Inkling into a shadowy warrior called a Zipcaster. With tentacles that stretch way out and stick to walls, you can zoom around and cause mad chaos! To conceal your identity, when the ink runs out, you’ll be returned to where you first transformed.

Trizooka: (Special Weapon)

It’s called the Trizooka and seems like a modified version of a special weapon once popular in Inkopolis. It has a powerful shot that fires three blasts at once and can be fired three times in total each use!

Killer Wail 5.1: (Special Weapon)

This is the Killer Wail 5.1. It also appears to be a modified version of a special weapon from Inkopolis. The six floating megaphones move autonomously and attack with lasers that chase enemies. For such a dusty place, it seems the Splatlands are brimming with shiny tech!


Fun Gameplay Features:

Wear with Pride: (Banner of Honour)

Inhabitants of the Splatlands use these colourful banners to show off their style – and not just in battles! They’re visible in a variety of settings and fully customisable based on gameplay.

What’s in a Name?:

Choose a title that reflects your personality. The more Turf War battles you wage, the more words you’ll unlock.


It seems the popular brand Tentatek has updated many of its classic designs with more recyclable and planet-friendly materials. And all this without making a dent in its fresh factor!


Speaking of showing off your style, we’ve uncovered a new clothing brand called Barazushi, known for high-quality performance gear…like this hoodie made of ultra-fine sponges. We’re conducting durability tests now and wringing out all the data we can!


Squid Research Lab here! It seems the brand Takoroka has updated its legacy Arrows shoes. The new Arrows are lighter and more flexible with added ventilation. But this isn’t a case of function over fashion—we are assured by our staff “sneakerhead” that they still look “fresh.”


Game Trailers:

Love these fresh details? What’s been your favourite piece of news yet? Let us know!

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