E-Line Media’s free diving exploration game, Beyond Blue, has received a free update on Apple Arcade that will also be coming to consoles at a later date. The update will add new cosmetic suits for Mirai that can be purchased with Sand Dollars earned from participating in activities. These new activities include Point-to-Point Races, Scavenger Hunts and Relays.

You can find out more about the update and the new activities in the press release below.

Whale, whale, whale… we’ve got a whole boatload of kriller new content for Beyond Blue on Apple Arcade, and we ain’t squidding!

In this update, you’ll embark on Daily Activities to earn Sand Dollars that can be spent on Rare and Epic cosmetic suits for Mirai in the Dive Shop.

What kinds of activities, you may ask?

• Point-to-Point Races: Master the brand new sprint swimming ability to go fast and maneuver your way around obstacles and creatures. It’s a race against the clock! 

• Scavenger Hunts: Go on the hunt for relics that have been identified in particular areas. Find one relic and unlock a new relic to find! Be on the lookout for power-ups to aid you in your quest.

• Relays: Retrieve relics and bring them back to your treasure chest. The more relics you find, the higher your score! Grab power-ups to boost your abilities.

Sometimes you’ve gotta go fast, other times it’s good to stop and smell the anemones. The new sprint swimming ability will only work in the activities.

Be sure to show off your high scores and sweet new gear on social media with #BeyondBlueGame.

See you in the water!

P.S. This content will be coming to other platforms and we’ll have news on that front soon, so stay tuned.

Source: @BeyondBlueGame (Twitter)

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