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With Book VI set to get underway in Fire Emblem Heroesone of the new characters players are introduced to, is none other than Ash, a cow girl who can literally turn into a bovine and serves as a retainer to Askr.

To anyone who clears the first chapters of Book VI, players will be able to earn themselves a free copy of Ash, and there will also be a summoning banner that sees her incorporated should you wish to attain more copies and for the players who wish to know more about here, we have that information here:

Ash: Retainer to Askr (Mythic Hero)

An unknown force wiped out a village on the border of Askr and Embla, and we went to investigate. Near the scene, we met a Hero we’d never heard of before—and that’s who I’ll be talking about today. Here’s Ash!

Ash told us she’s a retainer to the god Askr, and she was sent to save us! By the way, have you heard of Askr? He’s the legendary dragon who shared his power with us mortals!

You’d think someone working for a legendary dragon would be a little more…stuffy, but Ash is surprisingly personable. She seems like someone who I could get along with!

According to Ash, the dragon Embla has set a plan in motion to wipe out everyone who carries Askr’s blood. Well, you can leave it to the Order of Heroes to make sure Embla’s plans don’t come to fruition!

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Closely Associated Characters:

Askr: Legendary dragon who granted his power to mortals. Closely associated with the kingdom that bears his name. Sends his retainer Ash to defend the people of Midgard.

Embla:Legendary dragon who will go to any lengths to see the downfall of Askr. Sends her retainer Elm to end Askr’s bloodline.

Elm: Retainer to Embla, god of barriers and broken bonds. Snide and shameless, he lines his words with barbs meant to wound.

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And don’t you worry, should you wish to see more of Ash in action before she becomes available later today, we have plenty of other imagery for you to enjoy thanks to the latest Feh presentation and Book VI trailer. Here are all the highlights:

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Are you looking forward to checking out Book VI? Let us know!




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