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If you have finished renovating the five facilities Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, you may be interested to know that some of these facilities can be expanded upon. In this short guide we will tell you which facilities can be expanded and what is required to expand them.

The Hospital – Ward

The hospital is one of the first buildings that can expanded upon. In order to expand it, you will need to talk to whoever is working reception in the hospital. They will inform you that the hospital is looking for donations so they can open up a ward and need 120,000 Poki in order to do so. If you pay the money, talk to Dottie the next day and she will inform you that you can now expand the Hospital.

The Café – Gallery

The Café is another facility that can be expanded upon. Once you have decorated over 50 homes, Dottie will let you know that the Café can be expanded by adding a gallery upstairs. How you decorate it is totally up to you so you can choose to make it into an art gallery or perhaps a small museum exhibit.

The Restaurant – Private Room

The Restaurant can also be expanded. After decorating over 50 or so vacation homes, Dottie will inform you that the Restaurant can now be expanded. The expansion is to add a private room where vacationers can eat in private. If you have villagers that have been buddied up to be roommates, you will see them using the private room from time to time.

These are the current Facility Expansions that I have encountered in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC. If we find that the other facilities (School and Apparel Shop) can be expanded upon, we will be sure to add them to this guide

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