Blooming marvellous.

Back in March earlier this year, Niantic announced they’re pairing with Nintendo to develop a Pikmin game for mobile devices. Shortly after, a beta rolled out in Singapore and many details started to leak from said beta, but in the months that passed, there has been no mention of a specific release date just yet.

The good news, however, is the mobile application is meant to release this year still, and it’s looking like it will be sooner rather than later, now that an official title has been discovered, what with the beta now changing its name to “Pikmon Bloom.” What’s more, an official logo has been datamined as well, which backs up the title.

Along with this change of events, additional information has also been released, focused on public release information that applies to the players of the beta version:

Committed to Levelling Up?: If you’re committed to reaching the highest possible level while the Pikmon app is in beta, this is for you!

Changes are afoot, and we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to take a moment to share a bit more on what you should expect once the app releases globally.

As you already know, your account,  your Pikmin squad, and any purchased items in your inventory will remain after the global release. We now have some more news, and this is why we wanted to inform you of what to expect:

Levels: When the app is released globally, players at level 60 and or below will stay at the same level. Players above level 60 will be reset down to level 60. This change will automatically be reflected in your account following the global release.

Purchased items in your inventory and your Pikmin squad will remain in your account after the global launch. No action is required on your part.
Please note that the Step Tank will no longer be available in the Shop following the global release.

With a bit of luck, an official announcement is just around the corner.



Source: @news_pikmin (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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