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And the loss of Super Mario Bros. 35 was already a bitter pill to swallow.

After what so many have hailed as the very brutal and horrific, public execution of beloved Super Star, Mario, the international sports star, racing aficionado and plumber, has only been laid to rest for a week and already a new contender is eager to fill his little brown boots.

Having been a contender in the video games industry for over 40 years, a new hero has desired to revamp one of their classic outings and given it a modern twist. Only, unlike Luigi who is absolutely terrified of ghosts and was completely ghosted by Death that one time at E3. With special pills to gulp down, the infamous Pac-Man is not afraid of no ghost.

Yes, that’s right, Pac-Man is ready to eat the competition when PAC-MAN 99 makes its Nintendo Switch Online debut on April 7 at 6pm PST and the early hours of April 8 for those in Europe.

A trailer for the new release can be seen below, followed by the game’s description:

It’s an all-new flavor of PAC-MAN! Test your chomping chops in a 99-player Pac-Royale!

 A 99-player online PAC-MAN battle royale!

  • 40 years after the classic Pac-phenomenon rocked the gaming world, PAC-MAN is back in a new 99-man battle royale. Get back in the maze and chase down the iconic ghosts. Who will be the last PAC-MAN standing?

Switch between eight different strategies and send Jammer Pac-Man to get in your opponents’ way!

  • Eat a Power Pellets to turn the ghosts blue and make them vulnerable. Eat them to send Jammer Pac-Man to your opponents! The more ghosts you eat, the more Jammers you’ll send!
  • Eat a Ghost Train for a huge comeback!
  • Gain the upper hand by switching between eight different preset strategies: speed up, send extra Jammers, and more. Switching at just the right moment could give you an edge over your rivals!

Make the game look like your favorite NAMCO classics!

  • You can purchase downloadable custom themes based on Xevious, GALAGA, Dig Dug, and more to change the look of the game.
  • There are twenty different classic themes in all! Plus, they do more than change the graphics! Check out the sounds too!
  • Which classic NAMCO title is the one for you?


Fare thee well, Mario. Yourself and Super Mario Bros. 35 will be missed.



Source: Nintendo PR

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