Pidgeon Dev Games Collection SteelBook

JP here and I wanted to start off by first saying how amazing the reception has been since we started shipping Super Blood Hockey and Pigeon Dev Games Collection (Premium Edition) almost a month ago! It’s been so much fun watching all the #PremiumUnboxing videos and seeing you complete our #PremiumChallenge for both games. In case you weren’t aware, you can earn patches that we will mail you for FREE! Read further below for all the details as these patches are EXTREMELY LIMITED, but super fun to achieve!If you pre-ordered the Pigeon Dev Games Collection Retro and/or Deluxe Edition, we appreciate your patience as we finalize production. At this time, we are looking at a mid/late May – early June shipping timeframe! However, we will continue to keep you posted, but why not show off some of the goodies today exclusive to those editions!

SteelBook® Time! When we got our early copies of the Pigeon Dev Games Collection SteelBook®, we knew that the only person who could reveal the real first look was our Graphic Designer, Erica, who designed it herself! So without further delay, feast your eyes on this:

Premium Edition Games Presents Pigeon Dev Games Collection SteelBook

Limited to 2,000 copies (1,000 in Retro Edition & 1,000 in Deluxe Edition)
We cannot stop gushing at the amazing work Erica put into our very first SteelBook®! These will not be sold separately, so make sure to click the Retro or Deluxe Edition images below to secure your copy today!
Pigeon Dev Games Collection SteelBook
Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide!
Pigeon Dev Games Collection SteelBook
Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide!

First Look: Deluxe Edition Cases

Production is well underway for the Retro and Deluxe Editions so we thought we’d share with you the cover for the NEOGEO-esque case exclusive to the Deluxe Edition!
Premium Edition Games
Deluxe Edition Only! This will hold the Retro Edition + CD + Enamel Pin!

Earn your #PremiumChallenge Patch!

You know that when you open up a Premium Edition Game, you’ll be treated to a #PremiumChallenge Card, right? On the back of the card is a developer-specific challenge and once completed (and you follow the rules on the card), we will mail you a patch for FREE! Think of it as our way to bring an achievement system to the Switch!
Premium Edition Games
Earn a Challenge Patch by playing our games!

Earn a #PremiumUnboxing Patch!

We want you to show off your new Premium Edition Games! Therefore, if you do a #PremiumUnboxing video on social media, share your thoughts, tag us and contact us, we’ll send you an exclusive Patch (while supplies last) for FREE! How’s that for AWESOME?!
Premium Edition Games
Earn a free limited patch for unboxing our games on social media? Sign me up!

A Robot Named Fight!…is coming soon!

There hasn’t been a day since we launched that someone hasn’t asked about A Robot Named Fight! Honestly? We love it because it’s a game that deserves all the love! While we don’t have a pre-order start date to announce just yet, I will leave you with this:

  • The physical is already being worked on!
  • More information will be coming soon…. I hope that’s a “Direct” enough answer for now 😉
  • Wait until you see what we have planned!

Again, thank you to every single person in the community for your continued support! It makes our day when you share pics, videos, and kind words about our releases! The games we are bringing physically are meant to be enjoyed, so open, play, and earn your patches!

Plus, make sure to hang out with us everywhere and let us know what you think of our first two releases!
Modern Retro, Done Right!- JP
Press Release By Premium Edition Games

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