Want to know how to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise? We shall walk you through the steps with our easy to follow guide.

By now, you have probably slain more monsters than you can count in Monster Hunter Rise. However, if you are new to the series, you may not know that you can also capture large monsters as well. The process for capturing Monsters requires you to drain their health with attacks. When they are severely injured, you will need to change tactics. How do you know when they are severely injured though? Let’s break it down.

Prepare for capturing

First and foremost, you will need to prepare before you set out on a quest. In your Item box, you may find items called Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps. You can only hold one of each item and you will need at least one of them in order to trap a monster. If you don’t have any traps, you can craft them with the following items:

  • Trap Tool + Net = Pitfall Trap
  • Trap Tool + Thunderbug = Shock Trap

With your traps sorted, you will also need Tranq Bombs. You can purchase these from the merchants if you don’t have any in your Item Box or you can craft them with Sleep Herbs and Parashrooms. You can carry up to eight Tranq Bombs with you so make sure you buy as many as you can. You will need at least two of them do a successful capture.

Hunting a Monster to capture

With your gear set, it is time to go on a hunt. Choose either a specific quest or an Expedition Quest and hunt down the Monster you want to capture, bearing in mind you can only catch large monsters. When you find your desired Monster, wail on it with attacks to weaken it. It may even run off a few times so be sure to hotfoot it after it.

Continue your assault on the monster and keep an eye on its icon on the mini map. If a blue head icon appears on top of it, this means it is weak enough to be captured. Alternatively, if you have a Palico partner with you, it can also inform you if the monster is weak enough to be captured.

Now the fun part, Capture Time!

Okay, the monster is weak, limping it’s frothing in the mouth, and it’s heavily fatigued. What you need to do now is set your trap. You will only need one but always make sure to have a spare just in case the capture goes wrong. Set up either trap (Shock, Pitfall, or whatever other trap you have) by accessing the item menu but holding the L button and when you have the trap highlighted, release L and press the Y button next to the Monster and wait for it to get trapped. Now you must switch your item over to the Tranq Bomb and use them until the Monster is ultimately captured. Two is the minimum but if a certain monster requires more, you better have plenty on hand should you need them. If the Monster escapes the trap before you can capture it, you will need to trap it again and redo the process.

Practice makes Perfect

If you are having trouble getting the how capturing process down. There is a training quest that is focused solely on capturing. Be sure to talk to Hinoa and take on the training quest which will walk you through ever single step in even more detail. We have recorded the Capture Training so you can see what it entails below.

Well, hopefully this guide has helped you in how to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. Please do let us know if you put what you learned here into effect or if it could do with some improvements. After all, wa can only tell you how to do it, it is up to you to actually pull it off.

Until next time, Keep on Gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

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