Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer Tips

Monster Hunter Rise is out now on Nintendo Switch. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Nintendo UK has put together some Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer Tips to help beginners on their way to becoming top Monster Hunters. Some tips include trying out all weapons, making use of your Palamute partner, and making sure to chow down on Bunny Dango at the Tea Shop in Kamura Village.

We have listed some of the Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer tips for you below.


1: Try out all the weapons!

Can’t wait to try out all 14 weapons types? You’ll start your adventure with the Long Sword equipped, but more weapons can be accessed right away via the Item Boxes dotted around Kamura Village. For a quick introduction to each weapon type, check out the video playlist below:

2: Practise your attacks at the Training Grounds

Once you’ve found a weapon you like the look of, you can practice your attacks and weapon combos at the Training Grounds. To get there, first, visit the Buddy Plaza (pictured left) east of Kamura Village, then take a ride on the smallest boat by the dock to reach your destination.

After your first visit, you’ll be able to fast-travel to the Training Grounds from anywhere in Kamura by pressing the + Button and selecting “Move Around Village” from the System menu.


3: Chow down on some Bunny Dango

Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer Tips

Before departing on any challenging quests, visit the Tea Shop in Kamura Village and order yourself some Bunny Dango. This delicious treat will not only give you a health and stamina boost, but it may also activate some additional buffs depending on your choice of Dango. Here’s a Dango combo we recommend for taking on big monsters:

  • Dango Defender (Lo) – Sometimes decreases damage taken
  • Dango Medic (Lo) – Sometimes increases health recovery from items
  • Dango Feet – Prevents you from getting knocked over by monsters


4: Take a moment to appreciate nature

Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer Tips

While you’re out on a quest, take some time to explore the nearby flora and fauna. There are all sorts of useful materials and items to be found all over the Shrine Ruins, and you’ll want to look out for glowing creatures with distinctive colours called Spiribirds. These helpful little fellas will boost your attack, stamina or defence for the duration of the quest.


5: Palamute yourself to safety

Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer Tips

If you need to hightail it away from a monster, hold down the A Button to hop aboard your Palamute and ride away to a safe distance. While riding on a Palamute, you can drink health potions and sharpen your weapon – very handy if you want to keep your hunter in tip-top shape while avoiding the monster’s attacks.


If you would like to know more Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer Tips, you can find them on the Nintendo UK Website.

Source: Nintendo UK

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