Who does not love playing the Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, or Pokémon on Nintendo? This Japanese company is among the most popular ones in this industry and it works on attracting new customers every year. And 2021 is announced to be a great year when it comes to game releases on Nintendo. Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Little Nightmares II, or Cyber Shadow are just a few of the games that will be launched this year.

However, if you are a student, you probably find yourself living on a budget. Nintendo and games may be your passion, but you need money also for books, food, and other academic costs. Nintendo knows its target audience and aims to come in their help. This is why the company has student discounts that are available throughout the whole year.

Students get a 10% discount, but what benefits does it come with?

Save Money for Other Expenses

Maybe the most obvious benefit the Nintendo student discount comes with is that allows students to save money. College life can be overwhelming at times and demanding at others. Finding your productivity and focus can be difficult, and thus many college students might experience delays in writing their essays and assignments. Many of them are looking for an online writing company to ask ‘do my assignment’, but all these companies are charging money for this. Professional writers can help any student polish their writing skills and write compelling and powerful essays.

Of course, students could have other expenses as well. Maybe you are saving money for your next trip or a book you want. Either way, the Nintendo Student Discount can help any student enjoy playing games and also save money for other goals.

Buy Branded Items Cheaper

Besides saving money, benefiting the Nintendo Student Discount comes with more than this. It comes with the pleasure and joy of playing an original game, on an original console. This is something many game players are looking forward to, especially students. There is a growing body of research that proves the efficacy of developing skills by playing video games.

Many students have changed their learning style and adapted to online learning easier, thanks to video games. Besides action and adventure games, there are also educational ones that help students improve their logical thinking skills, organizational skills, and time management ones too.

How to Use the Discount

Saving money is the most obvious benefit the Nintendo Student Discount comes with. You are probably asking how to redeem and use the discount. This offer is available only to students, so you need to prove you are a student with your Student Beams card. This card offers students who are eligible for it access to a wide diversity of promotions and discounts, and the Nintendo Student Discount is one of them.

You can get a promotion code every 14 days, so you can have a 10% discount twice per month. It is useful to keep in mind that this promotion code you will get cannot be combined with other promotion codes, so you will only benefit from the 10% discount. At the same time, you cannot use two student discount codes for the same transaction. This is useful information that will help you plan your budget better.

The promotion code does not apply to digital download games, consoles, and pre-order games. So, if you were looking to buy something from these three categories, you should know that you will pay the full price. Of course, just like any other offer and promotion, this is valid depending on the availability of the products. It usually has a maximum discount amount per transaction. For example, Nintendo UK has limited the discount to a maximum of £30. And the shipping is not included.


Playing video games might be seen by many parents and teachers as an activity that does not come with any benefits. Students just spend hours in front of their console, laptop, or TV. But playing video games has been proved to come with many benefits that change the learning style of students nowadays. Games are more and more interactive and well-designed so that they address a wide audience.

This passion for video games can turn to be expensive for many students, who also need to cover their tuition fees and academic costs. The Nintendo Student Discount is useful for every student that enjoys playing video games. It comes with the benefit of buying branded items cheaper and also saving money for other expenses. A promotion code can be redeemed every 14 days, but it cannot be combined with other promotion codes. And if you have a Student Beams card, you only need to choose your desired Nintendo product.

By Mike Scorpio

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